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0 K. Takeuchi & E. Wesley Selected Russian Papers on Game Theory April 1968
    Research Papers R1 through R27  
1 S.N. Afriat The Equivalence In Two Dimensions Of The Strong And Weak Axioms Of Revealed Preference. April 17, 1962
2 S.N. Afriat The Algebra Of Revealed Preference. May 25, 1962
3 S.N. Afriat An Identity Concerning The Relation Between The Paasche And Laspeyre Indices. May 31, 1962
4 S.N. Afriat The Method Of Limits In The Theory Of Index Numbers June 15, 1962
5 Karl Borch A Note On Utility And Attitudes To Risk December 10, 1962
6 Michio Hatanaka Quarterly Estimation Of The Quantity Of Money, Seasonally Unadjusted. September 15, 1961
7 Karl Borch Price Movements In The Stock Market April 30, 1963
8 Oskar Morgenstern On Some Criticisms Of Game Theory September 1964
9 E. Phillip Howrey Technical Change, Capital Longevity December 16, 1964
10 John G. Cragg Aggregation Of Production Functions January 19, 1965
11 Kazuo Mizutani On Economic Entropy April 1965
12 Michael D. Godfrey Prediction For Non-Stationary Stochastic December 14, 1965
13 Oskar Morgenstern Nature’s Attitude And Rational Behavior March 1966
14 Alvin K. Klevorick Mathematical Programming And Capital Budgeting September 1966

M. HatanakaE.P. Howrey

On The Long-Swing Hypothess September 1966
16 O. Morgenstern & G.L. Thompson Private & Public Consumption & Savings In The Von Neumann Model Of An Expanding Economy October 1966
17 E. J. Kane &  A.K. Klevorick Absence Of Money Illusion: A Sine Qua Non December 1966
18 R.E. Alcaly &  A.K. Klevorick Judging Quality By Prince, Snob Appeal, And The New Consumer Theory December 1966
19 Camilo Dagum A New Approach To Inflation Through The Joint Analysis Of Economic Efficiency & Social Welfare January 1968
20 S. Peter Burley The Dynamic Stability Of A Continuously Adjusting Cournot Oligopoly With A Production Lag. March 1968
21 E. Philip Howrey Distributed Lags And The Effectiveness Of Monetary Policy May 1968
22 H.H. Kelejian Identification Of Nonlinear Systems: An Alternative To Fisher. January 1969
23 H.H. Kelejian Information Lost In Aggregation: A Bayesian Approach. August 1969
24 Ray C. Fair Sales Expenctions And Short-Run November 1969
25 Ray C. Fair The Determination Of Aggregate Price Changes February 1970
26 Richard R. Cornwall A Note On Using Profit Functions To Aggregate Production Functions March 1971                 Revised-September 1971
27 H.H. Kelejian The Estimation Of Cobb-Douglas Type Functions With Multiplicative And Additive Errors: A Further Analysis March 1971
Memorandum Papers M1 through M372
1 Naval Research Beneficiation Of United States Manganese Reserves. January 15, 1957
2 Naval Research Programming The Supply Of Strategic Materials. September 18, 1957
3   Econometric Analysis Of The United States Manganese Problem, Final Report, Part I. October 1958
4 R. G. Davis & W.G. Mellon On The Magnification Of Derived Demand.  
5 J. Pfanzagel A General Theory Of Measurement--Application To Utility. 

December 1959

6 R. E. Kuenne Estimates Of National And Regional Steel Production In The United States For 1970.  February 2, 1959
7 S. N. Afriat Value And Expenditure.  February 1959
8 H. D. Mills Structures In Logistics Operations.  February 1959
9 H. D. Mills Stochastic Properties Of Elementary Logistic Components.  February 1959
10 Daniel Orr & W.G. Mellon Uncertainty And The Expansion Of Bank Credit. November 1959
11 S. N. Afriat The Concepts Of Equivalence, Order And Scale In The Analysis Of Preferenc­es.  January 1960
12 Clive W. Granger First Report Of The Time Series Project. February 1960
13 S. N. Afriat The Axiomatic Concept Of Scale And The Loci Of Preferences In The Theory Of Consumers' Expenditures.  March 1960
14   Econometric Analysis Of The United States Manganese Problem, Final Report, Part II.  March 1960
15 Daniel Orr Production Stability And Inventory Variation. May 1960
16 S. N. Afriat Statistical Projections.   June 1960
17 Richard Davis Preference Structures And The Measurement Of Mili­tary Worth.  September 1960
18 S. N. Afriat The System Of Inequalities October 1960
19 O. Morgenstern A New Look At Economic Time Series Analysis.  January 1961
20 S. N. Afriat Gradient Configurations And Quadratic Functions.  January 1961
21 S. N. Afriat Expenditure Configurations.  February 1961
22 R. J. Aumann Subjective Programming.  February 1961
23 R. J. Aumann Almost Strictly Competitive Games.  February 1961
24 S. N. Afriat The Cost-Of-Living Index: Algebraic Theory.  March 1961
25 Koichi Miyasawa The N-Person Bargaining Game.  March 1961
26 R. J. Aumann Utility Theory Without The Completeness Axiom.  April 1961
27 S. N. Afriat The Cost-Of-Living Index: Combinatorial Theory April 1961
28 R. Reichardt Competition Through The Introduction Of New Prod­ucts July 1961
29 S. N. Afriat Preference Analysis: A General Method With Applica­tion To The Cost-Of-Living Index.  August 1961
30 F. J. Ascombe & R.J. Aumann A Definition Of Subjective Probability. August 1961
31 Koichi Miyasawa An Economic Survival Game.  September 1961
32 R. J. Aumann Mixed And Behavior Strategies In Infinite Extensive Games.  October 1961
33 Koichi Miyasawa On The Convergence Of The Learning Process In A 2x2 Non-Zero-Sum Two-Person Game.  October 1961
34 R. J. Aumann & M. Maschler The Bargaining Set For Cooperative Games.  November 1961
35 S. N. Afriat On Utility:  I. The Validity Of The Expected Utili­ty Hypothesis; II. On Bernoullian Utility For Goods And Money.  December 1961
36 M. Maschler Stable Payoff Configurations For Quota Games.  December 1961
37 M. Maschler N-Person Games With Only 1, N-1, And N-Person Per­missible Coalitions.  March 1962
38 Morton Davis & Michael Maschler Existence Of Stable Payoff Configurations For Coop­erative Games.  June 1962
39 R. J. Aumann Markets With A Continuum Of Traders, I.  July 1962
40 R. J. Aumann Markets With A Continuum Of Traders, II.  July 1962
41 C. W. J. Granger The Effects Of Varying-Month-Length On The Analysis Of Economic Time Series.  July 1962
42 W. G. Mellon An Approach To A General Theory Of Priorities.  An Outline Of Problems And Methods.  July 1962
43 O. Morgenstern On The Accuracy Of National Income And Growth Statistics. August 1962
44 C. W. J. Granger Economic Processes Involving Feedback.  August 1962
45 C. W. J. Granger & O. Morgenstern Spectral Analysis Of New York Stock Market Prices.  September 1962
46 Karl Borch Reformulation Of Some Problems In The Theory Of Risk.  October 1962
47 O. Morgenstern The Command And Control Structure.  October 1962
48 Richard Quandt Some Small Sample Properties Of Certain Structural Equation Estimators.  December 1962
49 O. Morgenstern Limits To The Uses Of Mathematics In Economics.  January 1963
50 M. Maschler The Power Of A Coalition January 1963
51 Karl Borch Payment Of Dividend By Insurance Companies January 1963
52 Michio Hatanaka & Mitsuo Suzuki A Theory Of The Pseudospectrum And Its Application To Nonstationary Dynamic Econometric Models.  January 1963
53 Michio Hatanaka A Spectral Analysis Of Business Cycle Indicators: Lead-Lag In Terms Of All Points.  February 1963
54 Karl Borch The Economics Of Uncertainty.  March 1963
55 O. Morgenstern The Element Of Time In Value Theory: Perfect Foresight And Economic Equilibrium  April 1963
56 R. J. Aumann Markets With A Continuum Of Traders, III.  October 1962
57 R. J. Aumann Markets With A Continuum Of Traders, IV.  October 1962
58 Morton Davis & Michael Maschler The Kernel Of A Cooperative Game.  June 1963
59 H. F. Karreman Computer Programs For Spectral Analysis Of Economic Time Series.  June 1963
60 Michael Maschler A Price Leadership Method For Solving The Inspector's Non-Constant-Sum Game.  September 1963
61 Morton Davis A Bargaining Procedure Leading To The Shapley Curve.  December 1963
62 Morton Davis Verification Of Disarmament By Inspection: A Game Theoretic Model.  December 1963
63 O. Morgenstern Pareto Optimum And Economic Organization.  January 1964

M. D. Godfrey & H.F. Karreman

A Spectrum Analysis Of Seasonal Adjustment. April 1964
65 S. M. Golfeld & R.E. Quandt Tests To Discriminate Between Linear And Ratio Models.  May 1964
66 Mitsuo Suzuki A Spectral Analysis Of Japanese Economic Time Series Since The 1880's. June 1964
67 D. Brillinger An Introduction To Polyspectra.  June 1964
68 J. G. Cragg Small Sample Properties Of Various Simultaneous-Equation Estimators: The Results Of Some Monte Carlo Experiments.  October 1964
69 Nevins Baxter The Commercial-Paper Market.  October 1964
70 R. E. Quandt Old And New Methods Of Estimation And The Pareto Distribution.  October 1964
71 Gunther Menges Predecisions January 1965
72 S. Goldfeld, R.Quandt,  & H. Trotter Maximization By Quadratic Hill-Climbing. January 1965
73 Michael Maschler Playing An N-Person Game. An Experiment. February 1965
74 Bezalel Peleg Composition Of General Sum Games. April 1965
75 P. A. Tinsley On The Flexibility Of Cost-Plus Pricing. April 1965
76 C. Tisdell Upon The Pareto Optimality Of Group Behavior.  May 1965
77 M. Hatanaka Another View Of The Long Swing: Comments On Adelman's Study Of Long Cycles. June 1965
78 E. P. Howrey A Spectral Analysis Of The Long-Swing Hypothesis.  August 1965
79 Stephen Goldfeld & Richard Quandt Nonlinear Simultaneous Equations: Estimation And Prediction.  October 1965
80 K.-P. Heiss Game Theory And Human Conflicts.  March 1966
81 Stephen Goldfeld & Edward Kane The Determinants Of Member Bank Borrowing: An Econometric Study. March 1965
82 H. Grabowski The Determinants And Effects Of Industrial Research And Development.  September 1966
83 E. P. Howrey Stabilization Policy In Linear Stochastic Systems.  September 1966
84 Ezio Marchi "Simple" Stability Of General N-Person Games.  February 1967
85 Camilo Dagum On Methods And Purposes In Econometric Model Building.  May 1967
86 Ezio Marchi A Game Theoretical Approach To Some Situations In Opinion Making.  May 1967
87 E. P. Howrey Dynamic Properties Of Stochastic Linear Econometric Models.  June 1967
88 E. P. Howrey Stochastic Properties Of The Klein-Goldberger Model.  September 1967
89 A. Klevorick Capital Budgeting Under Risk: Mathematical Programming Approach.  September 1967
90 M. Godfrey & E.P. Howrey An Analysis Of International Consumption Functions.  September 1967
91 W. H. Witherell Dynamics Of The International Wool Markets.  An Econometric Analysis.  September 1967
92 Camilo Dagum On Deterministic And Stochastic Structures.  December 1967
93 Heinz Schleicher Fiscal Policy, Mathematical Programming And Two-Person Zero-Sum Game Theory.  March 1968
94 S. P. Burley Fluctuations In The Australian Economy: Viewed By Frequency Tech­niques.  March 1968
95 S. Goldfeld, R.Quandt, &  H. Trotter Maximization By Improved Quadratic Hill-Climbing And Other Methods.  April 1968
96 M. Maschler, B.Peleg, & J. Shapley Characterization Of The Kernels Of Convex Games.  July 1968
97 Ezio Marchi Foundations Of Non-Cooperative Games.  1968
98 Camilo Dagum Structural Permanence, Its Role In The Analysis Of Structural Dualisms And Dependence And For Prediction And Decision Purposes.  April 1968
99 Camilo Dagum Non-Parametric And Gaussian Bivariate Transvariation Theory: Its Applica­tion To Economics.  June 1968
100 Camil Dagum Multivariate Transvariation Theory Among Several Distributions And Its Economic Applications.  June 1968
101 E. P. Howrey & W.H. Witherell Stochastic Properties Of A Model Of The International Wool Market.  June 1968
102 E. P. Howrey Structural Change And Postwar Economic Stability: An Econometric Test.  July 1968
103 R. Cornwall Integrating Measurable And Continuous Correspondence.  September 1968
104 J. B. Taylor Fiscal And Monetary Stabilization Policies In A Model Of Endogenous Cyclical Growth.  October 1968
105 R. Cornwall Convexity And Continuity Properties Of Preference Function.  October 1968
106 R. Cornwall The Use Of Prices To Characterize The Core Of An Economy. November 1968
107 R. Cornwall The Approximation Of Perfect Competition By A Large But Finite Number Of Traders.  December 1968
108 Heinz Schleicher On The "Free-Rider" Conditional Probabilities And Recursive Games. . December 1968
109 Kenneth Lewis Textile Mill Fiber Consumption In The United States: An Econometric Analysis.  February 1968
110 Ray C. Fair Excess Labor And Aggregate Employment Functions.  August 1969
111 James Case A Game In Economics.  February 1970
112 James Case &              G. Kimeldorf On Nash Equilibrium Points And Games Of Imperfect Formation.  June 1970
113 James Case A Bargaining Model For Industrial Wage Dispute.  June 1970
114 Ray C. Fair Labor Force Participation, Wage Rates, And Money Illusion. September 1970
115 G. C. Chow Optimal Control Of Linear Econometric Systems With Finite Time Horizon.  October 1970
116 D. Bradford An Econometric Model Of The Flight To The Suburbs.  October 1970
117 R. Cornwall Conditions For The Graph And The Interval Of A Correspondence To Be Open.  November 1970
118 G. C. Chow & Ray C. Fair Maximum Likelihood Estimation Of Linear Equation Systems With Auto-Regressive Residuals.  November 1970              Revised - September 1971
119 Ray C. Fair Consumer Sentiment, The Stock Market, And Consumption Functions.  January 1971                Revised - September 1971
120 Ray C. Fair A Note On The Estimation Of Polynomial Distributed Lags.  February 1971
121 Ray C. Fair A Comparison Of Alternative Estimators Of Macroeconomic Models. March 1971                  Revised - September 1971
122 Richard Quandt A Further Approach To The Estimation Of Switching Regressions.  March 1971
123 G. C. Chow Multiperiod Predictions From Stochastic Difference Equations By Bayesian Methods.  April 1971
124 G. C. Chow & An-Loh Lin Best Linear Unbiased Interpolation, Distribution, And Extrapolation Of Time Series By Related Series.  April 1971
125 H. H. Kelejian Random Parameters In A Simultaneous Equations Framework: Identification And Estimation.  April 1971
126   Analysis And Control Of Dynamic Economic Processes (A Proposal Submit­ted To The National Science Foundation). January 1971
127 Ray C. Fair Capital-Labor Substitution And The Demand For Capacity.  August 1971
128 Ray C. Fair The Joint Determination Of Production, Employment, And Investment Decisions.  September 1971
129 Ray C. Fair Efficient Estimation Of Simultaneous Equations With Auto-Regressive Errors By Instrumental Variables.  September 1971
130 S. Goldfeld, H.Kelejian,  & R. Quandt Least Squares And Maximum Likelihood Estimation Of Switching Regres­sions.  November 1971
131 Alan Blinder Estimating A Micro Wage Equation: Pitfalls And Some Provisional Esti­mates.  November 1971
132 Ray C. Fair Disequilibrium In Housing Models.  November 1971
133 Alan Blinder A Model Of Inherited Wealth.  November 1971
134 Alan Blinder Are Income Taxes Inflationary Or Deflationary?  An Expository Note.  January 1972
135 Ray C. Fair & Harry Kelejian Methods For Estimation For Markets In Disequilibrium: A Further Study.  January 1972
136 George De Menil Aggregate Price Dynamics.  December 1971
137 D. R. Chapman Full-Information Maximum Likelihood Program: User's Guide.  April 1972
138 Gregory Chow How Much Could Be Gained By Optimal Stochastic Control Policies.  April 1972
139 Gregory Chow Problems Of Economic Policy From The Viewpoint Of Optimal Control.  May 1972                     Revised - November 1972
140 Richard Quandt Testing Nonnested Hypotheses.  May 1972
141 Gregory Chow & Douglas Chapman Optimal Control Programs: User's Guide.  May 1972
142 Gregory Chow On The Computation Of Full-Information Maximum Likelihood Estimates For Nonlinear Equations Systems. June 1972
143 Michael Athans & Gregory Chow Introduction To Stochastic Control Theory And Economic Systems.  June 1972
144 A. Blinder &  R. Solow Does Fiscal Policy Matter?  August 1972
145 Gregory Chow Effects Of Uncertainty On Optimal Control Policies.  September 1972
146 Ray C. Fair On The Solution Of Optimal Control Problems As Maximization Problems.  February 1973
147 Stephen Goldfeld & Richard Quandt The Estimation Of Structural Shifts By Switching Regressions.  May 1973
148 Adrian Pagan A Note On The Extraction Of Components From Time Series.  May 1973
149 G. De Menil, & S. Bhalla Direct Measurement Of Popular Price Expectations.  July 1973
150 M. Rothschild Searching For The Lowest Price When The Distribution Of Prices Is Un­known.  August 1973
151 Gregory Chow & Michael Athans Introduction To Selected Papers From The Second NBER Stochastic Con­trol Conference.  September 1973
152 M. Golubitsky & M. Rothschi­ld On The Convergence Of The Age Structure.  October 1973
153 Adrian Pagan Estimation Of An Evolving Seasonal Pattern As An Application Of Stochastic­ally Varying Parameter Regression.  October 1973
154 Ray C. Fair An Evaluation Of A Short-Run Forecasting Model.  October 1973
155 Gregory Chow A Family Of Estimators For Simultaneous Equation Systems.  October 1973
156 Adrian Pagan Optimal Control Of Econometric Models With Autocorrelated Disturbance Terms.  November 1973
157 Gregory Chow A Solution To Optimal Control Of Linear Systems With Unknown Parame­ters.  December 1973
158 Oliver Hart On The Existence Of Equilibrium In A Securities Model.  January 1974
159 Ray C. Fair A Test Of Capital-Labor Substitution Using Capacity Data.  January 1974
160 Ray C. Fair A Model Of Firm Behavior Encompassing Price, Production, Investment, And Employment Decisions.  January 1974
161   This Memorandum Was Revised And Published At A Later Date As Memoran­dum No. 193.  
162 Alan Blinder Distribution Effects And The Aggregate Consumption Function.  April 1974
163 Oliver Hart A Proof Of The Impossibility Of Obtaining General Wealth Effect Compara­tive Statics Properties In Portfolio Theory.  April 1974
164 M. Golubitsky, E.B. Keeler & M. Rothschild Convergence Of The Age Structure: Applications Of The Projective Metric.  May 1974
165 Oliver D. Hart A Model Of The Stock Market With Many Goods.  May 1974
166 Andrew B. Abel A Comparison Of Three Control Algorithms As Applied To The Monetarist-Fiscalist Debate.  May 1974
167 Gregory Chow Identification And Estimation In Econometric Systems: A Survey.  May 1974
168 A. S. Blinder & S. M. Goldfeld New Measures Of Fiscal And Monetary Policy, 1958-1971.  July 1974
169 S. M. Goldfeld & R.E. Quandt Estimation In A Disequilibrium Model And The Value Of Information.  July 1974
170 K. D. Garbade Optimal Policies For Structural Models.  October 1974
171 M. Rothschild Further Notes On The Allocation Of Effort.  December 1974
172 G. C. Chow Introduction To Selected Papers From The Third NBER Stochastic Control Conference.  February 1985
173 G. C. Chow & An-Loh Lin Best Linear Unbiased Estimation Of Missing Observations In An Economic Time Series.  February 1975
174 Martin Hellwig Monopolistic Discrimination Over Time: Remarks On Periodization In Economic Models.  March 1975
175 G. C. Chow On The Control Of Nonlinear Econometric Systems With Unknown Parame­ters.  March 1975
176 G. C. Chow A Note On The Derivation Of Theil's BLUS Residuals.  March 1975
177 M. F. Hellwig A Model Of Borrowing And Lending With Bankruptcy.  April 1975
178 R. E. Quandt A Note On Amemiya's Nonlinear Two-Stage Least Squares Estimators.  May 1975

N. M. Kiefer &  J.G. Mackinnon

Small Sample Properties Of Demand System Estimates.  June 1975
180 G. C. Chow An Approach To The Feedback Control Of Nonlinear Econometric Systems.  July 1975
181 D. T. Sant Deriving Estimates Of Structural Parameters From Estimates Of Reduced Form Parameters.  July 1975
182 Donald Sant Restricted Reduced Form From Single Equation Methods: Asymptotic Relative Efficiency.  July 1975
183 Irma Adelman & S. Robinson A Wage And Price Endogenous Model For Planning Income Distribution Policy.  August 1985
184 Richard Quandt Some Quantitative Aspects Of The Economics Journal Literature.  August 1975
185 Willem Buiter On Two Specifications Of Asset Equilibrium In Macroeconomic Models.  October 1975
186 Kenneth Garbade Two Methods Of Examining The Stability Of Regression Coefficients.  October 1975
187 W. H. Buiter The Long-Run Effects Of Fiscal Policy.  October 1975
188 W. H. Buiter Short-Run Disequilibrium In Dynamic Macro-Models.  November 1975
189 Gregory Chow Control Methods For Macroeconomic Policy Analysis.  November 1975
190 Richard Quandt Estimating Mixtures Of Normal Distributions And Switching Regressions.  November 1975
191 Willem Buiter Crowding Out And The Effectiveness Of Fiscal Policy.  December 1975
192 Willem Buiter Economic Policy In Short-Run Models And In Long-Run Equilibrium; A Theoretical Framework And Some Applications.  December 1975
193 D. F. Bradford & G. Hildebrandt Observable Public Good Preferences.  December 1975
194 Der-Ann Hsu &      Richard Quandt Statistical Analyses Of Aircraft Hijackings And Political Assassinations.  February 1976
195 Martin Hellwig Bankruptcy, Limited Liability And The Modigliani-Miller Theorem.  March 1976
196 Alan S. Blinder Indexing The Economy Through Financial Intermediation.  March 1976
197 Richard Quandt Testing Hypotheses In Disequilibrium Models.  June 1976
198 Richard Quandt Maximum Likelihood Estimation Of Disequilibrium Models.  April 1976
199 Gregory C. Chow Usefulness Of Imperfect Models For The Formulation Of Stabilization Policies.  May 1976
200 M. Nishimizu & C.R. Hulten The Sources Of Japanese Economic Growth: 1955-71.  June 1976
201 G. Hildebrandt & L. D'Andrea Tyson Performance Incentives And Planning Under Uncertainty.  July 1976
202 Martin Hellwig A Model Of Monetary Exchange.  December 1976
203 G. C. Chow & S.B. Megdal An Econometric Definition Of The Inflation-Unemployment Trade-Off.  September 1976
204 G. Hildebrandt & L. D'Andrea Tyson Performance Incentives Versus Prices Versus Quantities.  October 1976
205 Gregory C. Chow Evaluation Of Macroeconomic Policies By Stochastic Control Techniques.  December 1976
206 Gregory C. Chow Effective Use Of Econometric Models In Macroeconomic Policy Formula­tion.  February 1977
207 G. C. Chow & S.B. Megdal The Control Of Large Scale Nonlinear Econometric Systems.  March 1977
208 Harvey Rosen & Richard Quandt Estimation Of A Disequilibrium Aggregate Labor Market.  February 1977
209 Ettie Butters & Gregory Chow Optimal Control Of Nonlinear System Program:  User's Guide.  April 1977
210 Farrell Bloch Residential Demand For Natural Gas.  April 1977
211 Gregory Chow Comparison Of Econometric Models By Optimal Control Techniques.  April 1977
212 H. S. Rosen An Approach To The Study Of Income, Utility, And Horizontal Equity.  Revised - February 1977
213 Gregory Chow A Reformulation Of Simultaneous Equations Models For Markets In Disequi­librium.  August 1977
214 Gregory Chow Regression With One-Sided Errors In The Dependent Variable.  August 1977
215 S. Barbera & H. Sonnenschein Mixture Social Welfare Functions.  Revised November 1977 September 1977
216 Willem Buiter Optimal Foreign Exchange Market Intervention With Rational Expectations.  November 1977
217 Willem Buiter Short-Run And Long-Run Effects Of External Disturbances Under A Floating Exchange Rate. November 1977
218 H. S. Rosen Housing Decisions And The U.S. Income Tax: An Econometric Analysis.  April 1977
219 Gregory Chow Optimal Control Of Stochastic Differential Equation Systems.  December 1977
Revised  May 1979
220 Roger Gordon Empirical Comparisons Of Alternative Measures Of Economic Well-Being.  December 1977
221 Willem Buiter Walras' Law And All That, Budget Constraints And Balance Sheet Constraints In Period Models And Continuous Time Models.  December 1977
222 Bryan Brown Sample Size Requirements In Full Information Maximum Likelihood Estima­tion.  February 1978
223 Willem Buiter Unemployment-Inflation Trade-Offs With Rational Expectations In An Open Economy February 1978                  Revised - June 1978
224 William Novshek & H. Sonnenschein Cournot And Walras Equilibrium.  February 1978
225 Gregory Chow Econometric Policy Evaluation And Optimization Under Rational Expecta­tions. May 1978
226 Jonathan Eaton Fiscal Policy, Inflation, And The Accumulation Of Risky Capital.  May 1978
227 Jonathan Eaton Price Variability, Utility And Savings.  May 1978
228 Edward Green Non-Cooperative Price Taking In Large Dynamic Markets.  July 1978
229 S. M. Goldfeld & R.E. Quandt Asymptotic Tests For The Constancy Of Regressions In The Heteroscedastic Case.  July 1978
230 Bryan Brown Identification Of Parametric Functions In Linear Simultaneous Equation Models.  August 1978
231 Harvey Rosen Estimating Inter-City Differences In The Price Of Housing.  September 1978
232 Willem Buiter & Mark Gersovitz Issues In Controllability And The Theory Of Economic Policy.  September 1978
233 W. Novshek & H. Sonnenschein Marginal Consumers And Neoclassical Demand Theory.  September 1978
234 Gregory Chow A Reconciliation Of The Information And Posterior Probability Criteria For Model Selection.  October 1978                Revised - February 1979
235 Gregory Chow Evaluation Of Econometric Models By Decomposition And Aggregation.  October 1978                Revised - November 1979
236 Gregory Chow The Estimation Of Total Investable Resources.  October 1978
237 James Healy & John Piderit The Interest Arbitrage Equation As A Multiple Input Transfer Function.  November 1978
238 Mark Gersovitz On Classification Probabilities For The Disequilibrium Model.  December 1978
239 Gregory Chow Selection Of Econometric Models By The Information Criterion.  March 1979
240 Rolf Henriksen Nonlinear Filtering In Econometric Models.  April 1979
241 Willem Buiter The Macroeconomics Of Dr. Pangloss--A Critical Survey Of The New Classical Macroeconomics.  April 1979
242 Rolf Henriksen A Note On Truncated Second Order Filters.  April 1979
243 Kenneth Small The Scheduling Of Consumer Activities: Work Trips.  May 1979
244 J. Carmichael Money, Inflation And Economic Growth: Conditions For Superneutrality In A General Optimizing Framework.  May 1979
245 J. Carmichael Economic Equilibrium And Steady-State Growth With Intergenerationally-Dependent Preferences.  May 1979
246 W. Novshek & H. Sonnenschein Small Efficient Scale As A Foundation For Walrasian Equilibrium.  June 1979
247 Henri Sneessens Involuntary Unemployment And The Consumer's Behavior.  June 1979
248 Richard Quandt & T.J. Trussell Some Empirical Evidence On Model Selection Rules.  June 1979
249 Edward Green A Welfare Theory For Non-Malevolent Agents.  July 1979
250 Henri Sneessens On The Econometrics Of Quantity Rationing Models.  July 1979
251 Richard Quandt & Jonathan Eaton A Quasi-Walrasian Model Of Rationing And Labor Supply: Theory And Estimation.  November 1979
252 Gregory Chow Estimation Of Rational Expectations Models.  November 1979
253 Gregory Chow A Comparison Of The Information And Posterior Probability Criteria For Model Selection.  November 1979
254 Gregory Chow Estimation And Optimal Control Of Econometric Models Under Rational Expectations.  November 1979
255 P. Dasgupta & J. Stiglitz Uncertainty, Industrial Structure And The Speed Of R&D.  October 1979
256 J. Stiglitz The Inefficiency Of The Stock Market Equilibrium.  October 1979
257 Gregory Chow The Economy Of The People's Republic Of China: Past Performance And Future Prospects.  December 1979
258 David Sappington Limited Liability Contracts Between Principal And Agent.  January 1980
259 M. Nishimizu, R. Quandt, & H. Rosen The Demand And Supply For Investment Goods: Does The Market Clear?  February 1980
260 Bryan Brown & Shlomo Maital What Do Economists Know?  An Empirical Study Of Experts' Expectations.  March 1980
261 J. Stiglitz & P. Dasgupta Market Structure And Resource Depletion, A Contribution To The Theory Of Intertemporal Monopolistic Competition.  March 1980
262 J. Stiglitz & P. Dasgupta Market Structure And Resource Depletion Under Uncertainty.  March 1980
263 P. Dasgupta, R. J. Gilbert,  & J. Stiglitz Invention And Innovation Under Alternative Market Structures: The Case Of Natural Resources.  March 1980
264 Stephen Goldfeld & Richard Quandt Single Market Disequilibrium Models, Estimation And Testing.  April 1980
265 S. Goldfeld & R. Quandt Econometric Modelling With Nonnormal Disturbances.  June 1980
266 Carl Walsh Measurement Error, Budget Identities And The Estimation Of Financial Markets.  August 1980
267 Joseph Stiglitz  & Andrew Weiss Credit Rationing In Markets With Imperfect Information--Part I.  August 1980
268 Joseph Stiglitz & Andrew Weiss Credit Rationing In Markets With Imperfect Information: Part II--Con­straints As Incentive Devices.  August 1980
269 Richard Quandt Equilibrium And Disequilibrium: Transitional Models. September 1980
270 Richard Quandt Autocorrelated Errors In Simple Disequilibrium Models. September 1980
271 W. H. Branson & J. Braga De Macedo The Optimal Weighting Of Indicators For A Crawling Peg.  October 1980
272 Kenneth Small The Incidence Of Congestion Tolls On Urban Highways.  September 1980
273 J. Braga De Macedo Optimal Currency Diversification For A Class Of Risk-Averse International Investors.  December 1980
274 Cheng Hsiao Autoregressive Modeling And Causal Ordering Of Economic Variables.  December 1980
275 Gregory Chow Econometric Analysis By Control Methods, Introduction.  December 1980
276 D. Newbery & J. Stiglitz Risk Aversion, Supply Response, And The Optimality Of Random Prices.  February  1981
277 D. Newbery & J. Stiglitz The Choice Of Techniques And The Optimality Of Market Equilibrium With Rational Expectations. February 1981
278 W. Charemza & R.E. Quandt Models And Estimation Of Disequilibrium For Centrally Planned Economies.  March 1981
279 Richard Quandt Classical And Bayesian Hypothesis Testing: A Compromise. April 1981
280 Gregory Chow Outline Of An Econometric Model For Chinese Economic Planning.  April 1981
281 D. Newbery & J. Stiglitz Pareto Inferior Trade And Optimal Trade Policy.  May 1981
282 Leo Simon Bertrand And Walras Equilibrium.  May 1981
283 S. Salop & J. Stiglitz The Theory Of Sales: A Simple Model Of Equilibrium Price Dispersion With Identical Agents.  June 1981
284 J. Brown, & H. Rosen On The Estimation Of Structural Hedonic Price Models.  June 1981
285 R. Anderson & H. Sonnenschein On The Existence Of Rational Expectations Equilibrium.  July 1981
286 Anderson, Sonnenschein Rational Expectations Equilibrium With Linear Models.  July 1981
287 H. Sonnenschein Price Dynamics Based On The Adjustment Of Firms.  July 1981
288 Dilip Abreu & David Pearce On The Inconsistency Of Certain Axioms On Solution Concepts For Non-Cooperative Games.  August 1981
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