About Us
Founded in 1994, Princeton Shakespeare Company (PSC) is a student-run theatre company dedicated to performing and producing works of the Bard and his contemporaries, as well as modern works that respond to the original Shakespearean texts. In addition to direct work with Shakespearian texts, the Princeton Shakespeare Company also produces shows in various other sub-genres of classical theater. Recent performances included Anouilh's Antigone and a series of once acts by Anton Chekhov. The Company welcomes all varieties of staging and updates in its productions (Macbeth in the Wild West,) and actively seeks out inventive locations for the productions across the Princeton campus (Richard II in the Mathey Common Room.)

Our company is entirely student run; see our Board page for details on the composition of our company board and how to get involved. Company directors for the following school year are selected each spring; we welcome everyone from first time to serious directors to apply, with or without experience in Shakespeare. Information about upcoming auditions can be found here.

We also nurture a high school outreach program to aid in establishing awareness and understanding of Shakespearean literature. Finally, we perform condensed versions of our productions for the LIFE program participants at the high security prison outside of Trenton, many of whom had never seen a play before our performances. These programs are part of PSC's larger goal: to promote and foster appreciation for the Bard on the Princeton campus and in the community at large, while giving Princeton students a high-quality opportunity to produce and participate in Shakespearean drama productions.