The Princeton Shakespeare Company Board

Gayatri Ramesh '19 (President) is an Electrical Engineer who hails from Great Britain. She loves Keats, chocolate and romantic comedies and wishes she could speak in iambic pentameter all the time (that would be really hard though...) Her favorite plays by Shakespeare include 'She's The Man', '10 Things I Hate About You' and 'West Side Story'.​
Daniel Krane '18 (Artistic Director) is undecided about his major. And that’s okay. He thinks Willie S. is pretty cool. He also likes playwriting and acting in PSC shows. Time for PSC to party like it’s 1599.
Jianing Zhao '20 (Production Manager) has been bio-free since '93'
Raye Kessler '18 (Treasurer) is typing her bio right now.
Julia Peiperl '17 (E51 Manager) is a decidedly over-enthusiastic junior/part-time cartoon character in the English department. She is pursuing a certificate in Theater and works primarily in costuming. She can usually be found playing guitar with Princeton Rise up, suffocating under piles of reading, or holed up in her room constructing some unholy costume/set piece out of canvas and wire.
Janice Cheon '20 (Publicity Director) is typing her bio right now
Patrick Boroughs '18 (Box Office Manager/Webmaster)* is a Computer Science major and Theater certificator from South Africa. When he isn't writing website biographies, he's usually occupying himself with improv comedy, acting, or absurd amounts of coffee.

*Alternatively "BoxMaster".
Luke Soucy '19 (Social Chair) is a junior.
Emily Fockler '17 (Alumni Coordinator) is studying English, with a certificate in Creative Writing. She enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and being very involved in PSC shows. In her free time... well, she doesn't have much free time as she's a junior, but in her free time she enjoys getting cookies and Trivia Night and very long naps.