The Princeton Shakespeare Company Board
David Cruikshank '16 (President) is still not sure who actually thought it was a good idea to put him in a position of authority. When the power inevitably goes to his head he asks that you treat him kindly. He's still trying to figure out that whole balancing his schedule thing too, so basically this sounds more and more like a recipe for disaster as he writes this. On the bright side, in his spare time David enjoys hanging out with friends, eating food, and when he's feeling really adventurous, reading a good book.
Malena de la Fuente '16 (Production Manager) is a sophomore from West Lafayette, Indiana, who is planning on majoring in Psychology with a certificate in Applications of Computing. She loves working in the theater in all capacities, including directing, writing, acting, and teching. She also loves hanging out with friends, reading mystery and detective novels, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Rachel Wilson '16 (Artistic Director) still doesn't know what she's studying, but tells people either French literature or art history to avoid awkward silence. In a committed relationship with Shakespeare since 2007, she recently collaborated with him on a production of his 1600 hit romantic comedy As You Like It, providing direction and scenic design. Rachel enjoys long walks on Alexander Beach, speaking German, and writing sad nonfiction.
Sam Kessler '15 (Treasurer) is an English major getting a certificate in Theatre. In addition to being PSC Historian, he very much enjoys acting in PSC productions, in most of which he seems to end up dying. Other interests include coffee and pretending to be a cat.
Emily Fockler '16 (Publicity Director) is studying English, with a certificate in Creative Writing. She enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and being very with PSC shows. In her free time... well, she does not have much free time as she tends to devote it to homework and theater, but in her free time she enjoys getting cookies from Murray Dodge and going to Trivia Night.
Doug Ashley '16 (Technical Director) is pursuing an engineering degree in Computer Science. He hails from Montana, where extreme weather conditions have forced him into building snow caves and other shelters in the past. He enjoys being able to put some of those building skills to work for PSC but is glad he can build them indoors. In his free time, he enjoys going to movies with friends, programming, and working in the OIT tech clinic.
Arianna Lanz '17 (Community Liason) is concentrating in Astrophysical Sciences, and considering Applications of Computing, Technology and Society, and Chinese Language certificates. Don't be fooled though! Since performing as Puck in her 6th grade production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Arianna has been an avid Shakespeare enthusiast. As You Like It, directed by Rachel Wilson '16, was her very first show at Princeton, and she has had trouble telling Rachel "no" ever since. She is also a Triangle Club cast member, and PUP Board member.
Sam Gelman '16 (Histivist) is studying in the Near Eastern Studies Department, with a certificate in Theatre. He loves working with PSC, acting, and writing plays. If he had any spare time, he would be reading, eating, writing, eating, fencing, eating, playing guitar, or eating. As a starving college student, he is more than happy to accept any and all food donations, especially those that involve lox. Look for him at the various Hellequin strikes around campus!
Ted Callon '17 (Props Master) is studying Chemical and Biological Engineering and pursuing a certificate in Materials Science and Engineering. Reading that may make you wonder why Ted is a part of PSC but he thinks you should just not question it and focus more on enjoying the talented members of the incredible PSC shows that Ted likes to believe he had a small part in making a reality.
Julia Peiperl '17 (Graphics Designer) is a mildly overenthusiastic English/Art History/God-Knows-What major pursuing a certificate in theater and possibly creative writing. When she's not acting, singing, drawing, making costumes, or drowning in reading, she can be found playing questionable guitar with Rise Up in Murray-Dodge cafe on Wednesday nights, playing even more questionable snare with the University Band, or sobbing quietly in Chancellor Green about how much reading she has.
Tom Colocci '16 (Social Chair) is a Chemistry Major from London. He is almost always cast as the baddie, the non-english character, or both. Outside theatre, he enjoys being on the Ultimate Frisbee team (where he is also social chair), watching movies and listening to early noughties rock. He is also frequent Mathey trivia night champion and forever trying to find people to watch real sports, like rugby and cricket, with him. He fails.
Kanoa Mulling '15 (Social Chair) is a junior in the English department and is pursuing certificates in Theater and Teacher Preparation. This will be his third year with PSC. He has taken the typical trajectory in his years, beginning as a Van Coordinator. Time on the road allowed him to mull over his artistic aspirations, prompting his tenure as Artistic Director. However, as artistic creation is an emotionally tumultuous endeavor, he found himself tearing out his hair quicker than it could grow. Thus, he is now the Social Chair, where he hopes to bring joy and calm to all who dabble in the green and white. With PSC, he has also directed King Lear and played Horatio in Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. He has also made excellent castings of the board as LoL characters, Ennio Morricone songs, Quentin Tarantino characters, Hayao Miyazaki characters, and violin solos.
Kelsey Blair '16 (Webmaster) is studying Human Welfare and Social Policy in the Woodrow Wilson School and pursuing a certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies. She wishes she was as talented as the incredible casts of the PSC shows, but alas, has to content herself with documenting their exploits online. In her free time, she enjoys study breaks involving puppies, working in the OIT Tech Clinic, and cavorting about with the Princeton University Band.
Vi Mastandrear '17 (Box Office Manager) is a BSE student. She also is involved with PUP and PWiCS on campus. (She also really likes abbreviations and acronyms.) On rare occasions when she doesn't have a problem set to finish, she can be found awkwardly dancing to musical theatre soundtracks or obsessively watching Friends.
Zach Salk '14 (Alumni Coordinator) is an English major with a concentration in Film Studies, and a Theater Certificate student. He has been a member of PSC since he was a freshman, serving as the company's Publicity Director, Co-Social Chair, and now Alumni Coordinator. He has acted in a number of PSC shows, including Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, King Lear, Macbeth, and The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged). He is interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, and will be moving to Los Angeles after graduation.