The Princeton Shakespeare Company Board
Vi Mastandrea '17 (President) is a Computer Science major who is not quite sure how she ended up as president of a theater company. Maybe it's her Massachusetts roots... England, New England, they can't be that different, right? On rare occasions when she doesn't have a problem set to finish, she can be found looking at shoes online, Netflixing, or dancing.
Rachel Wilson '16 (Artistic Director) still doesn't know what she's studying, but tells people either French literature or art history to avoid awkward silence. In a committed relationship with Shakespeare since 2007, she recently collaborated with him on a production of his 1600 hit romantic comedy As You Like It, providing direction and scenic design. Rachel enjoys long walks on Alexander Beach, speaking German, and writing sad nonfiction.
TJ Smith '16 (Production Manager) is a German major from Florida with a certificate in Creative Writing. That certificate is, unfortunately, in poetry rather than website biographies. He is also involved with acting, directing, improv comedy, radio, and neo-Dada magical surrealist performance art.
Patrick Boroughs '18 (Treasuremaster*) is a Computer Science major from South Africa. When he isn't writing website biographies, he's usually occupying himself with improv comedy, acting, or absurd amounts of coffee.

*board-approved portmanteau for Treasurer Webmaster.
Julia Peiperl '17 (Publicity Director) is a decidedly over-enthusiastic junior/part-time cartoon character in the English department. She is pursuing a certificate in Theater and works primarily in costuming. She can usually be found playing guitar with Princeton Rise up, suffocating under piles of reading, or holed up in her room constructing some unholy costume/set piece out of canvas and wire.
Agustina De La Fuente '18 (Community Liason) is a sophomore studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering, and hopefully, getting a certificate in dance choreography. She loves getting involved with performing arts on campus, especially when it involves her main man, William S. In her virtually non-existent spare time, she likes to discuss politics with the Princeton Democrats, tutor (and help others fall in love with) math at the McGraw Center, and dance exuberantly. Appropriately so, her motto is always shut up, and dance it out.
Emily Fockler '17 (Graphic Designer) is studying English, with a certificate in Creative Writing. She enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and being very involved in PSC shows. In her free time... well, she doesn't have much free time as she's a junior, but in her free time she enjoys getting cookies and Trivia Night and very long naps.
Malena de la Fuente '16 (Social Chair) is a senior from West Lafayette, Indiana, who is majoring in Psychology with a certificate in Applications of Computing. She loves working in the theater in all capacities, including directing, writing, acting, and teching. She also loves hanging out with friends, reading mystery and detective novels, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Miranda Bolef '18 (Social Chair) is a current sophomore and potential Politics major from San Luis Obispo, California. She is under a time crunch and cannot write more at this time, but thanks Rachel for letting her borrow her car last week. She sends kisses to her grandmothers.
Tom Colocci '16 (Box Office Manager) is a Chemistry Major from London. He is almost always cast as the baddie, the non-english character, or both. Outside theatre, he enjoys being on the Ultimate Frisbee team, watching movies and listening to early noughties rock. He is also frequent Mathey trivia night champion and forever trying to find people to watch real sports, like rugby and cricket, with him. He fails.