PSC's Current Season
Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged): The FREE Frosh Show
By Long, Singer, and Winfield | Directed by Jackie Thorbjornson '19
16-17 September 2016 | Frist Film/Performance Theater

Join us on a magical journey through space and time in the Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged). Witness Capulets fighting Montagues, fairies wreaking havoc, friends turned foes, foes turned lovers, lovers turned donkeys, cooking shows, high fives, men becoming women becoming men becoming women becoming bears, sock ghosts, footballgamestreacherydrinkingcryingsingingcussingnuditykissingsexvomitvomitvomitvomit. We promise you won't mistake this for theater!
Ubu Rex
By Alfred Jarry | Directed by Stefanie Webb '17
October 2016 | Lockhart Arch

Ubu Rex is the cult classic of the Surrealists. In 1896 this farce incited the raucous disapproval of its first and only audience, an extreme of discordance not heard again until Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. Ubu’s creator is more than a commentator on cultural convention; Alfred Jarry is disdainful of the world. His play viciously satirizes the evil nature of people in power, ambition, greed, stupidity, mediocrity, inflated sense of self, glut, faith. It is not difficult to see our presidential candidates on the stage. It's more difficult to see yourself, asshole.
By Aristophanes, | Directed by Anastasia Repouliou '18
November 2016 | Class of 1970 Theater in Whitman

Do you think there will ever be world peace in this world? -Anonymous

World peace is impossible. And supposing that wars do stop, world peace is still impossible. Peace is a silence of envy and desire and not a silence of guns and bombs. It is not peace if you don’t hear explosives that is just a ceasefire. As it is not peace if you just let somebody be beaten up or hurt. Peace is a war to be fought inside us and not a silence to be kept among us. -Alexiel

Yes I think there will ever be world peace in this world -Anonymous

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Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
By Ann-Marie MacDonald | Directed by Fey Popoola '19
February 2017 | Class of 1970 Theater in Whitman

In the midst of a nervous breakdown, mousy and dusty assistant professor Constance Ledbelly is sucked into the worlds of Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Can she find the “wise fool” and turn these heartbreaking tragedies into rib-tickling comedies? Are Desdemona and Juliet the weak and timid damsels in distress we think they are? What is Iago’s deal, anyway? In this incredible comedy by Ann-Marie MacDonald, see Shakespeare like you’ve never seen him before! You won’t want to miss it.
In conjunction with Theatre Intime
By Aeschylus, translated by Ted Hughs | Directed by Alex Vogelsang '18
April 2017 | Hamilton Murray Theater (Theatre Intime)

A chorus of people awaits the return of their King. Clytemnestra plots the murder of her husband fresh from war. A slave prophetess spells catastrophe in blood and is silenced. Curses descend, the morality of vengeance is questioned, and the most powerful family of the Ancient Greek world begins to fall in Aeschylus’ Oresteia Pt. 1: Agamemnon.
The Tempest
By William Shakespeare | Directed by David Cruikshank '17
Reunions, June 2017 | Location TBA