Costs and Financial Aid

  US $
Tuition and registration fees 1,500
Hostel Accommodation ($20 per day for 30 days)
Home stay ($160 per week x 4 weeks) 640
Cultural trip to Zanzibar Island (4 days – transport, lodging, entry permits, guided tours to cultural heritage sites) 600
Trip to Kilimanjaro/Ngorongoro Game Park (4 days - transport, lodging, guided safari) 800
Shuttle transport for 8 weeks (airport pick-up/drop-off, daily commute from hostel to class and to Mwenge Youthe Center, incidental local travel). 200
TOTAL $4,340

Students are responsible for round-trip airfare ($1,500-$2,000), their own living expenses/meals (about $10 per day), pre-travel vaccinations at Princeton (about $700), and travel visa fees (about $145).

Eligible students may apply for funding from the Dean’s Fund for Summer Study Abroad (students must be on financial aid) and other campus sources. Students on financial aid may take out a loan to cover expenses that are part of the overall budget. For more information, please visit the website of the Office of International Programs.

Refund Policy
Students who withdraw from a Princeton program after accepting a place but before the program begins will lose the non-refundable deposit and any unrecoverable costs. There are no refunds after the start of the program.