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Outdoor Action Academic Research

As part of Princeton University, Outdoor Action encourages Princeton students to integrate the outdoor and experiential education aspects of their involvement with Outdoor Action into their academic work. Whether you are in the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, or engineering there are exciting possibilities for research. This can be an exciting way to connect your interest the outdoors or outdoor education to research papers and experiments that are part of your Princeton academic experience. Some of these academic initiatives may involve experiential education principles and may be supported through courses in the Community Based Learning Initiative (CBLI).

Some projects may be appropriate for a particular course you are taking while others are more involved and will make good Junior Paper or Senior Thesis projects. If you are looking for a topic or have an idea and want suggestions on how to proceed, contact Rick Curtis at 8-3552 (Princeton University students only). The Outdoor Action Office has a range of books, journals, and other research materials to help you with your research.

Outdoor Action has a number of areas that we are interested in doing research on. Here are a few sample topics.

  • The Effect of Wilderness Orientation Programs on Incoming Students - (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology) an exploration of how the Frosh Trip Program impacts new students. Are their methodologies and techniques on the trail that can expand the impact?
  • Designing an Outdoor Education Center - (Architecture) develop a complete architectural and site plan for a future outdoor center and home for OA including office and classroom space, equipment storage, and climbing wall.
  • The Impact of Outdoor Education on Urban Youth - (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology) an exploration of the effects of the Princeton-Blairstown Center's summer outdoor programs for inner city youth . Are their methodologies and techniques on that can expand the impact?

Junior Paper and Senior Thesis Awards

Each year in the spring, Outdoor Action will select a winner from submitted research works from Junior Independent Work (both semesters) and Senior Thesis. Please submit your work by May 1 to the Outdoor Action Office.

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