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OA Web Site

Come see why people from all over the world turn to the OA Web Site for the best information on outdoor education. All of the outdoor workshops offered by OA are available on the OA Web Site (

Equipment Room

OA has a wide variety of backpacking, general camping, biking, and other equipment available for rental by the general University community on a minimal rental fee basis. If you are interested in running your own trip and need equipment (sleeping bags, backpacks, bike panniers, stoves, cooking gear, etc.), please check the OA Equipment Room Hours. The Equipment Room is located at 350 Alexander Street. For more information check out OA Equipment Rental.

Outdoor Action Library

OA has an extensive library of over 500 titles covering such subjects as backpacking, outdoor cooking, bike touring and repair, canoeing, caving, climbing, cross-country skiing, mountaineering, wilderness first aid, and wilderness survival. There are also numerous guidebooks to wilderness areas, as well as reference manuals on a wide variety of outdoor sports. OA also has subscriptions to Backpacker, Canoe, Cross-country Skier, and other magazines, as well as an extensive collection of videotapes on such topics as expeditionary mountaineering, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, bike touring, wilderness first aid and wilderness photography. All of these are available for perusal or borrowing from the OA Office.