The 1st International Workshop on Near Limit Flames


July 29-30, 2017

Photonics 206 (2nd floor)

Boston University Photonic Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA





Topic 1. Cool flames

(Coordinators, Nabiha Chaumeix and Yiguang Ju)


Topic 2. High pressure flames and diagnostics at engine conditions

(Coordinators, Isaac Boxx and William L. Roberts)


Topic 3 Combustion Instability and hydrodynamic Stability of Reacting Flows

(Coordinators, Tim Lieuwen and Jacqueline H. Chen)


Topic 4 Near-limit detonation and flame dynamics

(Coordinator, Antonio L. Sanchez and Hoi Dick Ng)


Acknowledgement of NSF support (Program director Dr. Song-Charng Kong)


Program (Final)


The 1st International Workshop on Near Limit Flames


July 29th-30th 2017

Photonics 206 (2nd floor), Photonics Building, Boston University


Saturday, July 29th 2017


7:50-8:30 am Registration and Breakfast

8:30-8:40 am Welcome


Topic 1. Cool flames

Co-Chairs: Nabiha Chaumeix and Yiguang Ju


8:40-9:20 am Invited Lecture: Cool Flames in Microgravity

Forman A. Williams (University California, San Diego, USA)


9:20-9:45 am Position Lecture: Dynamics of near limit cool flames

Yiguang Ju (Princeton University, USA)


9:45-10:10am Position Lecture: Cool flames in high pressure turbulent flow

Jacqueline H. Chen (Sandia National Lab, USA)


10:10-10:40am Coffee break


10:40-11:05am Position Lecture: Cool flames in micro channel

Kaoru Maruta (Tohoku University, Japan)


11:05-11:30am Position Lecture: Low-Temperature Combustion Chemistry in IC Engines

Mike Kweon (Army Research Laboratory, USA)



Topic 2. High pressure flames and diagnostics at engine conditions

Co-Chairs: Isaac Boxx and William L. Roberts


11:30am-12:10pm Invited Lecture: Turbulent flames at Reynolds number

James Driscoll (University of Michigan, USA)


12:10pm-12:35pm Position Lecture: Combustion at high pressure

William L. Roberts (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)


12:35-13:50 pm Lunch


13:50-14:15pm Position Lecture: High pressure turbulent flame initiation and propagation at large Reynolds number

Steven Shy (National Central University, Taiwan)


14:15-14:40pm Position Lecture: DNS of high Karlovitz number turbulent premixed flames

Evatt Hawkes (UNSW, Australia)


14:40-15:05pm Position Lecture: DNS of High Karlovitz turbulent flames

Alexei Polunenko (Texas A&M University, USA)


15:05-15:30pm Position Lecture: Large eddy simulations of turbulent jet flames at high pressures

Hong Im (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)


15:30-16:00 pm Coffee break


16:00-16:25pm Position Lecture: Bunsen burner flames at elevated pressures: Lessons from simple chemistry Direct Numerical Simulation analysis

Nilanjan Chakraborty (Newcastle University, UK)


Topic 3. Combustion instability and hydrodynamic stability of reacting flows

Co-Chairs: Timothy C Lieuwen and Jacqueline H. Chen


16:25-17:05pm Invited Lecture: Flame Dynamics, Hydrodynamics, and Acoustics

Timothy C Lieuwen (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)


17:05-17:30pm Position Lecture: Combustion Instability Mechanisms and Suppression

Jacqueline O'Connor (Pennsylvania State University, USA)


18:30pm-21:00pm Dinner (18th Floor, 10 Buick Street, BU Student Village)


Sunday, July 30th 2017

7:50-8:30 am Registration and Breakfast


Topic 3. Combustion instability and hydrodynamic stability of reacting flows (Continued)

Co-Chairs: Timothy C Lieuwen and Jacqueline H. Chen


08:30-08:55am Position Lecture: Swirl Flame Dynamics in a Gas Turbine Model Combustor at Elevated Pressure

Isaac Boxx (The German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany)


8:55-9:20am Position Lecture: Sensitivity analysis of combustion instability

Matthew Juniper (University of Cambridge, UK)


9:20-09:45am Position Lecture: Engine scale stability predictions using Large Eddy Simulations

Laurent Giquel (CERFACS, France)


9:45-10:10am Highlight Lecture: Dynamics of weak and strong ignition inside shock tubes

Subith S. Vasu (University of Central Florida, USA)


10:10-10:40 am Coffee Break


Topic 4. Near-limit detonation and flame dynamics

Co-Chairs: Antonio L. Sanchez and Hoi Dick Ng


10:40-11:20am Invited Lecture: Near-Limit-Propagation Issues in Detonation Propulsion

Brent Rankin and Frederick R. Schauer (AFRL, Wright-Patterson, USA)


11:20-11:45am Position Lecture: Pressure Gain Combustion in Microchannels: Flame Acceleration and Transition to Detonation

Ryan Houim (University of Maryland, USA)


11:45am-12:10pm Position Lecture: Flame acceleration and the transition to detonation in microscale tubes

Ming-Hsun Wu (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)


12:10pm-13:20pm Lunch


13:20-13:45 pm Position Lecture: Simulations of flame acceleration and transition to detonation: How accurate are they?

Huahua Xiao (University of Maryland)


13:45-14:05 pm Position Lecture: Researches in Peking University on RDE

Jian-Ping Wang (Peking University)


14:05-14:30 pm Break (Water only)


Session 5: Group Discussions of 4 Research Topics (Chair: Michael Mueller)

14:30-15:00pm Group discussions (Discussions led by Topics co-chairs)

Room 206 and 203


Session 6: Presentation of Topic Discussions and Summary (room 206)

Co-Chairs: Zheng Chen and Kaoru Maruta

15:00-15:10 pm Cool flames

15:10-15:20 pm High pressure turbulent combustion

15:20-15:30 pm Combustion instability

15:30-15:40 pm Detonation and microchannel combustion


15:40pm Adjourn

Transportation and Map to Workshop Venue

The Photonics Building (Photonics 206 (2nd floor)) is across the street from the MBTA subway system's Green B-line BU-Central stop as well as a few minutes walking distance from the Green C-line Saint Mary's Street stop and the Green D-line Fenway Park stop.


Banquet dinner (Saturday, July 29th at 6:30-8:30pm)

10 Buick Street, 18th Floor, Boston, MA 02215 (Student Village Center)






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