2011-2012 Princeton ASCE Executive Board

Stephanie Chen '12 - President
Stephanie Chen is a senior in the CivArc: Structures Focus program and grew up in a not so little town about an hour north of Princeton and an hour west of NYC. She's wanted to become a civil engineer since she got to destroy a balsa wood model on a shake table one summer. Last fall, she took a fabulous break from problem sets and went to Rome, Italy to study the architecture of what seems like an endless number of churches. Stephanie is excited, however, to be back at Princeton and planning awesome things with ASCE! When not trapped in the EQuad, she enjoys playing flute and planning events for the Princeton University Wind Ensemble, and hanging out with friends at one of the numerous dessert shops (ice cream, froyo, cupcakes...) around Princeton. Her favorite structure is the Millau Viaduct in France.
Stephanie Chen
Nathan Brown '12
Nathan Brown is a senior in the Civil Engineering and Architecture program. Nathan hails from the small town of Spring Mills, Pennsylvania, where he may or may not have Amish neighbors. While growing up, Nathan spent a fair amount of time contemplating life and structural engineering while picking pinecones and watering trees at his family Christmas tree farm. While not studying, he loves all things sports and is chasing his childhood dreams by playing for the Princeton Sprint Football team. At Princeton, Nathan is also involved with the Princeton Evangelical Fellowship and tries to hang out with kids whenever possible. His favorite structure(s) are the Three Sisters Bridges in Pittsburgh, and he is excited to bring some testosterone to the ASCE board.
Nathan Brown
Michelle Oresky '12
Michelle Oresky is a senior in the CivArc program, structures focus. Professionally, she wants to build big things--roads, dams, bridges, seawalls, etc. She once spent over an hour reading Wikipedia articles about Coastal Engineering and related terms. Besides CivE, she plans side careers as an air traffic controller and a fireworks show designer. She prefers concrete to steel, and her favorite structure is very possibly the Delaware Memorial Bridge. She has the grand privilege of driving over said bridge on her way to and from her home in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. Like a good engineer Michelle seems to always be in class, but also manages to be a campus tour guide, in multiple Christian/Catholic fellowship groups, and a trip leader and leader trainer for the Outdoor Action program. She spends a good deal of time planning meal and coffee dates with friends, and she checks her email entirely too often. Michelle is super pumped about all the things ASCE will be doing this year; get on her level.
Michelle Oresky
Kelsey VandeBergh '12
Margaret Owensby '13
Margaret Owensby is a junior from Palmerdale, Alabama, and is studying in the Civ/Arc track of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. She is very excited to join the ASCE Board this year, and is also involved with the Aquinas Institute, Engineers Without Borders, and the Society of Women Engineers at Princeton. Some of her interests outside of engineering include singing, French language and literature, and cheering for her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide. Her favorite structure is the Verrazano Narrows Bridge .
Margaret Owensby
Ellen Tung '14
Ellen is a Civ-Arch sophomore from Hong Kong. Her dad is a Civil Engineering professor, but she swears that that did not influence her major choice in any way! She actually came to Princeton intending to study mechanical engineering, but she fell in love with the concept of designing structures and immediately changed her major. Apart from ASCE, Ellen is a member of the Mathey College Council and dances with Triple 8. Her favorite structure is Felix Candela's Los Manantiales at Xochimilco.
Ellen Tung
Professor Maria Garlock - Faculty Adviser

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