2018-19 Princeton ASCE Executive Board

Officers are elected at the end of the spring semester of each academic year.

Amber Lin '19 - Co-president

Amber Lin

Nyema Wesley '19 - Co-president

Nyema Wesley

Mikaela Sawyer '19 - Secretary

Mikaela Sawyer

Karlie Lund '19 - Treasurer

Karlie Lund

Chris Chu '19 - Social Chair

Chris Chu

Nicholas Kick '20 - Communications Chair

Nicholas Kick

Danny Hogan '19 - Events Chair

Danny Hogan

Professor Maria Garlock - Faculty Adviser

If you are interested in joining the Princeton ASCE executive board, please e-mail us at asce.princeton@gmail.com

Contact us at: asce@princeton.edu
Page last updated: October 2019