2019-20 Princeton ASCE Executive Board

Officers are elected at the end of the spring semester of each academic year.

Nicholas Kick '20 - Co-president

I am a senior in the environmental track of CEE pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Originally from Philly, I have a strong interest in working at the intersection of entreprenurship and sustainability. Beyond CEE, I help to lead the technical team of Princeton's Engineers Without Borders Peru group as well as manage communications for the Princeton University Energy Association . I have previously worked with a friend on converting an old school bus into a tiny sustainable home and I am currently focusing on my thesis with my advisor, Professor Jason Ren. My favorite pastimes include playing with my four year old brother and editting GoPro footage.

Nicholas Kick

Krystal Delnoce '21 - Co-president

I'm Krystal Delnoce and I'm the Co-President of the ASCE. I'm on the Structural Track in the CEE Department. I chose CEE because I have always had a passion for the environment and bridge building. Personal things about me include being very proud of being from Ohio and how much I love water (drinking, swimming, anything!).

Krystal Delnoce

Sierra Castaneda '20 - Secretary

I am from Northwest New Jersey, and on the Environmental track in CEE, pursuing a certificate in environmental studies as well. I chose to major in CEE because of my passion for helping the environment in a practical, impactful way, and I feel that seeking out ways in which to make our world a cleaner, greener place through a technical approach is something valuable. Outside of engineering, I am on the varsity Cross Country and Track teams, as well as a member of the Princeton Conservation Society. In my free time I like listening to music and podcasts, hiking, swimming, and cooking yummy plant-based meals! :-)

Sierra Castaneda

James McDonagh '21 - Treasurer

I am a junior from Littleton, Massachusetts in the architecture and engineering track; architecture and CEE are two subjects I have been very interested in for a long time and I'm happy to have the opportunity to study them together here at Princeton. Outside of class I am a member of the University Wind Ensemble and an avid soccer player.

James McDonagh

Erin Gray '20 - Co-Social Chair

My name is Erin Gray and I am a senior in the CEE Department. I am on the CEE Environmental track as well as minoring in Cognitive Science and Sustainable Energy. I am one of our Social Chairs for the ASCE board as well as Vice President for the Princeton Association of Women in STEM (PAWS). I am Chief Panhellenic Officer for my sorority (Theta) and an avid member of my eating club (Tiger Inn). In my free time I play volleyball, paint, and dance.

Erin Gray

Gabbie Acot '21 - Co-Social Chair

My name is Gabbie and I am from north NJ. I am a junior on the Structural Engineering track and I chose CEE because I liked the problem-solving and real world applications. I am currently doing independent research under Prof Glisic, and in my free time, I play on the club lax team, I am in Naacho, and I work for Dillon Gym.

Gabbie Acot

Soon Il Higashino '20 - Communications Chair

My name is Soon Il Higashino, and I’m a senior on the Environmental track in CEE. I’m from Ossining, New York, a River Town along the Hudson River. Growing up, I loved going outside and playing in streams and parks with my brothers, and have always loved doing things to help take care of the environment, such as encouraging my family to recycle, use reusable goods, and be conscious of what we buy and how they have been made. I’ve always enjoyed participating in clean up projects of local parks/natural areas, and wanted to choose a major that I could use to continue to try and care for the Earth in more ways than I could before college. On campus, I immerse myself in music, singing in the East Asian Acapella group VTone, Christian Acapella group Kindred Spirit, and playing instruments in the Princeton University Band and other groups.

Soon il Higashino

Tessa Flanagan '21 - Events Chair

I'm a junior from Palmyra, Pennsylvania on the architecture (structures focus) track, also pursuing a certificate in Urban Studies. I'm interested in the ways that architecture can be used to minimize and to work against social and environmental harm. Outside of class, I sing in the Princeton Chapel Choir, make coffee at Princeton Coffee Club and Rojo's Roastery, and DJ at WPRB 103.3 FM.

Tessa Flanagan

Professor Maria Garlock - Faculty Adviser

If you are interested in joining the Princeton ASCE executive board, please e-mail us at asce.princeton@gmail.com

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