2015-16 Princeton ASCE Executive Board

Officers are elected at the beginning of the spring semester of each academic year.

Jacqueline Li '16 - President

Jackie is a senior in the architecture and engineering program. She grew up in Hong Kong and Shanghai and so has always been amazed at how engineers and architects work together to create such complex urban landscapes. You can usually find her hanging out in the CEE lounge, architecture studio, or on the cozy couches by the fireplace of Cloister Inn. Outside of class, she enjoys rowing for the women's lightweight crew team, as well as photographing for the Daily Princetonion and hence getting free entries to performances and shows. She wants to work on a wide range of structures in the future, but ultimately wants to help design and bring to life new or reinvented city-scapes. Her favourite cities are Hamburg, Rotterdam, and NYC, all with fascinating combinations of old and new buildings, ports, bridges, lakes, and parks.

Jacqueline Li

Jett Stearns '16 - Treasurer

Jett is a senior in the Structural Engineering track from Palos Verdes Estates, California, near Los Angeles. He has always had a fascination with buildings and is proud to be a member of the Civil Engineering Department. He likes to follow current construction projects around the world and wants to explore the fields of urban planning and transportation systems. In addition to photographing structures, his interests include playing the saxophone, golfing, and snowboarding. On campus, he is also involved in the Animal Welfare Society. His favorite structures include the Golden Gate Bridge and the Shanghai World Financial Center.

Jett Stearns

Lu Lu '16 - Events Chair

Lu Lu is a senior from Chongqing, China, studying under the architecture and engineering track. A member of the Engineers without Borders Kenya Team, she is interested in sustainable development. Besides engineering, Lu Lu enjoys photography and traveling. She worked as a photojournalist in Uganda on a Princeton journalism grant last summer. Her favorite city is Berlin and her favorite structure is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Lu Lu

Dennis Smith '16 - Communications Chair

Dennis is a senior from Reading, MA. He has always been interested in the balance between the aesthetic and the technical, which naturally led him to the Architecture & Engineering track and hopefully a career in either or both. Outside of class you can ind him at Charter, the Architecture building, or with the Princeton University Band. Other interests include photography, travel, and languages. His favorite structures include the Sagrada Familia and the Eiffel Tower.

Dennis Smith

Danielle Sawtelle '17 - Secretary

Danielle is a Junior from Fairfax County, Virginia.  She is on the structural engineering track.  Danielle has always wanted to be a civil engineer, even before coming to Princeton because it is fascinating to watch ideas turn into plans which turn into structures that will last long after their completion.  Away from engineering, Danielle rows on the women's lightweight crew team and is in Princeton's Tapcats, plus she is a firefighter out of the station down Witherspoon.  Someone has to save all those buildings.  While she doesn't really have a favorite structure, she quite likes the bridges of Christian Menn.

Danielle Sawtelle

Vinny Amaral '17 - Social Chair

Vinny is a junior from San Diego, CA. He is in the Geological Engineering track. His favorite structure is Euterpe precatoria (aka the açai tree).

Vinny Amaral

Michael Cox '17 - Social Chair

Michael is a junior on the Structural Engineering track. He is from Long Island, NY. His biggest dream as a child was to build a bridge with an amusement park on it - that dream has not yet been given up. When he's not in class, Michael can usually be found sleeping in a hammock around campus. His favorite structure is the Brooklyn Bridge.

Michael Cox

Professor Maria Garlock - Faculty Adviser

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