2012-13 Princeton ASCE Executive Board

As of January 2012, Princeton ASCE has decided to transition to a spring/fall officer term instead of fall/spring. The senior officers elected in the fall of 2011 will continue in their original positions while new officers take on increased responsibilities.

Margaret Owensby '13 - President
Margaret Owensby is a senior from Palmerdale, Alabama, and is studying in the Civ/Arc track of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. She is very excited to join the ASCE Board this year, and is also involved with the Aquinas Institute, Engineers Without Borders, and the Society of Women Engineers at Princeton. Some of her interests outside of engineering include singing, French language and literature, and cheering for her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide. Her favorite structure is the Verrazano Narrows Bridge .
Margaret Owensby
Jarred Mihalik '14 - Treasurer
Jarred is a junior at Princeton hailing from San Diego, on the Structural Engineering track. He's really enjoying the civil engineering classes he has been able to take so far, and looks forward to more advanced design in the future. His hope is to one day work designing large scale structures or perhaps the space elevator. His favorite structure is the San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge, which he crossed every few weeks growing up to visit relatives, and partly inspired him to switch to CEE. Besides CEE, he is also interested in studying Chinese, which led to him doing PiB the summer after freshman year, and plans on going to Hong Kong to study abroad during junior year. He also is part of Manna Christian Fellowship on campus, and writes music reviews for The Prince's "Intersections" blog as well as WPRB.
Credit for the photo on the right goes to Hannah Rajeshwar
Emily Stinson '14 - Secretary/Social Chair
Emily is a junior from Orinda, California, which is about half an hour east of San Francisco. In high school, she was very interested in architecture. Having grown up in a family that liked to take trips abroad, she fell in love with European architecture and after visiting Spain, idolized Antoni Gaudi. Now she dreams of being a structural designer and is currently following the Structural Track of the Civil and Environmental Department. She is also interested in the environmental side and is pursuing a certificate in Sustainable Energy. On campus, she plays club tennis, is on the Ghana team of Engineers Without Borders, and is a sophomore officer of Charter. Her favorite structure is Gaudi's Casa Batlló.
Ellen Tung '14 - Events Committee/Webmaster
Ellen is a junior from Hong Kong. Her dad is a Civil Engineering professor, but she swears that that did not influence her major choice in any way! She actually came to Princeton intending to study mechanical engineering, but she fell in love with the concept of designing structures and immediately changed her major. Apart from ASCE, Ellen dances with Triple 8. Her favorite structure is Felix Candela's Los Manantiales at Xochimilco.
Ellen Tung
Mariam Wahed '14 - Social Chair
Mariam Wahed is a junior in the Structural Engineering track who hails from Eugene, Oregon, that incredibly well known state located between California and Washington. Although Mariam originally planned to concentrate in Comparative Literature, she discovered a passion for civil engineering when she took "Bridges" during her freshman year (and recommends the class to other A.B. students with perhaps too much enthusiasm). Mariam is mostly fascinated by concrete structures - thin-shell concrete structures specifically - and her favorite structure is Felix Candela's wondrous Chapel Lomas de Cuernavaca. When she is not busy catching up with all her CEE course requirements, Mariam can be found trying to fulfill her nerdy humanities alter ego at book club, running through the wild like a typical Oregonian, or unwinding at Yoga Above.
Erman Eruz '14 - Project Chair
Erman Eruz is a junior in the Civil Engineering and Architecture Program also pursuing an Urban Studies Certificate. Having grown up in Turkey's largest city Istanbul, a megacity which also has a tremendous history spanning thousands of years, he is interested in everything that is related to buildings, cities and architecture. Because of this genuine interest, he frequently gets neck cramps for always looking up at buildings wherever he goes. Even though it is hard for him to name one, his favorite structure is quite possibly the great Hagia Sophia, as it always manages to create a captivating feeling regardless of how many times one enters it.
Jen Kim '14 - Project Chair
Jen Kim is a junior from Havertown, Pennsylvania who is alternately studying Structures and Environmental Engineering. She likes everything, but more than anything wants to build things in developing countries. Jen lives in the E-Quad, but can sometimes be spotted singing with Umqombothi, playing Ultimate frisbee, breakdancing, or hanging out with the squirrels on top of Little Hall. Her current favorite structure is the Burj al Arab in Dubai.
Thomas Mbise '13 - Project Chair
Professor Maria Garlock - Faculty Adviser

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