LIN 201 / CGS 205

Introduction to Language and Linguistics


Christiane Dorothea Fellbaum, Byron T. Ahn

An introduction to the scientific analysis of the structure and uses of language. Core areas covered include phonetics and phonology, morphology, the lexicon, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, with data from a wide range of languages. Additional topics include language acquisition, language and the brain, and language change.

PSY 254 / CGS 254

Developmental Psychology


Casey Lew-Williams

A survey of human development emphasizing the nature of children's minds and experience and the relation of childhood to adulthood. Two lectures, one preceptorial.

PSY 255 / CGS 255

Cognitive Psychology


Tania Lombrozo

The course will survey the major themes and experimental findings of cognitive psychology and consider their relevance to the cognitive sciences in general. Topics covered will include attention, perception, imagery, memory, language, and reasoning. Two lectures, one preceptorial.

PHI 315 / CHV 315 / CGS 315

Philosophy of Mind


Investigation of some of the following (or similar) topics: the mind-body problem, personal identity, the unity of consciousness, the unconscious, the problem of other minds, action, intention, and the will. Readings primarily from recent sources. Two lectures, one preceptorial.

PHI 322 / CGS 322

Philosophy of the Cognitive Sciences


Sarah-Jane Leslie

An examination of philosophical problems arising out of the scientific study of cognition. Possible topics include methodological issues in the cognitive sciences; the nature of theories of reasoning, perception, memory, and language; and the philosophical implications of such theories. Two lectures, one preceptorial.