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Our researchers are making discoveries that have the potential to increase knowledge about our world and lead to benefits to society.

University Research News

External Partnerships

Princeton faculty members collaborate with colleagues throughout the world to carry out important, cutting-edge research and scholarship.

Celeste Nelson with Victor Varner and Mei Fong-Pang

Celeste Nelson (center), a professor of chemical and biological engineering at Princeton, worked with a research team including Victor Varner and Mei Fong-Pang to examine how fluid pressure helps control the rate of development of embryonic lungs. 

Collaboration Is Key

It is through collaborations that Princeton's faculty transform laboratory research into real-world projects that can make a difference to society.

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Interdisciplinary Approach

Princeton researchers collaborate across academic fields and across the globe. The campus is home to numerous interdisciplinary research collaborations and centers.



  • Student in Chemistry lab
  • Professor and students confer in a lab.
  • Student looks at research image on computer.
  • Andlinger Clean Room

Facilities and Labs

From high-performance computing to electron microscopy, the University provides researchers with access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.