Students dance on stage at Latinx Graduation ceremony.

Cultural & Affinity Groups

Campus Centers & Student Groups

Princeton's excellence in education and research comes from attracting and supporting the most talented people from all backgrounds. Through our centers and groups, you can engage individuals of similar background or connect with identities other than your own on topics ranging from academics and activism to arts and service.

Gender + Sexuality Resource Center

The Gender + Sexuality Resource Center fosters a supportive and inclusive campus community for women, femme, trans and queer Princetonians.

Office of Disability Services

Offering a range of services, The Office of Disability Services facilitates reasonable accommodations to support our students with disabilities. The Office of Disability Services also serves as a resource to the many University administrative units and academic departments that have responsibility for or obligations to accommodate faculty, staff and campus visitors with disabilities. 

Celebrating Indigenous peoples

The student group Natives at Princeton, which includes all indigenous peoples, builds community and educates through events on campus.