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Engineering Research

Engineering & Applied Science Research

Princeton engineers create knowledge and technologies, educate tomorrow's leaders, and serve society through discovery, design and invention within a cross-disciplinary environment and a liberal arts setting.

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Engineering Research Highlights

Panorama of Howard Stone's Lab

In the laboratory led by Howard Stone, a professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the flow of creativity among the postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and undergraduates leads to findings with the potential to benefit society.

How Everyday Things Inspire Breakthroughs in Fluid Dynamics

In Howard Stone's lab, a cup of coffee, gelatin and ice act as model systems to study pattern formation in liquids. 

Engineers Without Borders-Princeton University chapter in Peru

Areas of Impact

These are some of the areas in which we connect multiple disciplines to solve societal problems.

Female student walks by Sherrerd Hall

Engineering at Princeton

Our programs solve important problems by emphasizing fundamental principles of engineering with their connections to society.