HIS 519 / GSS 519 / HOS 519

Topics in the History of Sex and Gender


Margot Canaday

A study of the historical connections linking sex and gender to major social, political, and economic transformations. Comparative approaches are taken either in time or by region, or both. Topics may include family, gender, and the economy; gender, religion, and political movements; gender and the state; and gender and cultural representation.

COM 537 / ENG 537 / HOS 537

Imaginary Worlds: Early Modern Science Fiction


Rhodri Lewis

Science fiction (SF) writing may seem a definitively modern phenomenon, but it has a rich and varied history in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In this course, we examine early modern SF not only a vehicle for popularizing the new philosophy of the "scientific revolution," but as a space for the interrogation of competing beliefs about the relationships between humankind and the cosmos, knowledge and belief, or public and private living. Through early modern SF, we explore the self-consciously literary and poetic ways in which early modern natural philosophers worked through their ideas. No "two cultures" here.

HOS 594 / HIS 594

History of Medicine


Keith Andrew Wailoo

Problems in the history of medicine and the medical sciences. Topic varies from year to year. Representative subjects would include the history of health and disease, medicine and the body, and the history of the mind and mental illness.

HOS 595 / MOD 564 / HIS 595

Introduction to Historiography of Science


Angela N. H. Creager

Introduces beginning graduate students to the central problems and principal literature of the history of science from the Enlightenment to the 20th century. Course is organized around several different methodological approaches, and readings include important works by anthropologists, sociologists and philosophers, as well as by historians of science.

HOS 599 / HIS 599

Special Topics in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine


Jennifer M. Rampling

This course explores special topics in the history of science. The precise topic varies from year to year.