PHY 506 / MSE 576

Advanced Quantum Mechanics


Shivaji L. Sondhi

A one-term course in advanced quantum mechanics, following Physics 505. After a brief review of some fundamental topics (e.g., hydrogen atom, perturbation theory, scattering theory) more advanced topics will be covered, including many-body theory, operator theory, coherent states, stability of matter and other Coulomb systems and the theory of the Bose gas.

PHY 536 / MSE 577

Advanced Condensed Matter Physics II


Frederick D. Haldane

Fermi liquids, Luttinger liquids, the quantum Hall effect, superconductivity, quantum magnetism, Kondo effect and localization.

ENE 506 / MSE 586 / MAE 536 / CEE 506 / CBE 566

Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques for Energy Materials


Claire Emily White

Topics include an introduction to radiation generation at synchrotron and neutron facilities, elastic scattering techniques, inelastic scattering techniques, imaging and spectroscopy. Specific techniques include X-ray and neutron diffraction, small-angle scattering, inelastic neutron scattering, reflectometry, tomography, microscopy, fluorescence and infrared imaging, and photoemission spectroscopy. Emphasis is placed on application of the techniques for uncovering the material structure-property relationship, including energy storage devices, sustainable concrete, CO2 storage, magnetic materials, mesostructured materials and nanoparticles.

CHM 522 / MSE 592

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry


Andrew Bruce Bocarsly, Leslie Mareike Schoop

Advanced topics in inorganic chemistry, including solid-state and bioinorganic chemistry, band theory, and reaction mechanisms.