GER 523 / MOD 500 / HUM 523 / ENV 523

Topics in German Media Theory & History


Thomas Yaron Levin

Historical and theoretical investigations of media from the advent of writing systems, paper and the construction of single-point perspective to phonography, radio, telephony, and television and up through the critical reflection on cyberspace, rhetorics of PowerPoint, surveillance and data shadows. Issues explored include the relationship between representation and technology, the historicity of perception, transformations of reigning notions of imagination, literacy, communication, reality and truth, and the interplay of aesthetics, technics and politics.

ARC 576 / MOD 502 / ART 598

Advanced Topics in Modern Architecture


Beatriz Colomina

Explores the critical transformation in the relationship between interior and exterior space in modern architecture, which is most evident in domestic space. Domestic space ceases to be simply bounded space in opposition to the outside, whether physical or social. An analysis of modern houses is used as a frame to register contemporary displacements of the relationship between public and private space, instigated by the emerging reality of the technologies of communicaton, including newspaper, telephone, radio, film, and television.

ARC 594 / MOD 504 / HUM 593 / ART 584 / SPA 559

Topics in Architecture


Spyros Papapetros

This course covers various topics related to the history and theory of architecture.

COM 513 / MOD 513 / PHI 554

Topics in Literature and Philosophy


Daniel Heller-Roazen

Chance and contingency were long thought to lie outside the realm of knowledge. Then there arose new means for measuring probabilities of the most varied kinds. This seminar will explore the conditions and occurrence of that shift, as well as its consequences, as they are reflected in a few literary and philosophical works.

GER 520 / MOD 521

Topics in Literary and Cultural Theory


Juliane Rebentisch

Course treats a wide range of theoretical and historical issues concerning the interpretation of literary and cultural materials. Topics include psychoanalytic approaches to literature, the Frankfurt School and its legacy, feminist theory, German-Jewish Acculturation, relations between literature and the other arts, theories of literary reception, and fascism and culture.

HOS 595 / MOD 564 / HIS 595

Introduction to Historiography of Science


Angela N. H. Creager

Introduces beginning graduate students to the central problems and principal literature of the history of science from the Enlightenment to the 20th century. Course is organized around several different methodological approaches, and readings include important works by anthropologists, sociologists and philosophers, as well as by historians of science.

ART 567 / MOD 567

Seminar in History of Photography


Anne McCauley

The seminar is concerned with the work of a single European or American photographer or with a significant movement in the 20th century.

ENG 568 / AMS 568 / MOD 568

Criticism and Theory


Paul Nadal

A study in the major texts in criticism and theory. Authors include Plato, Aristotle, Sidney, Shelley, Derrida, and Foucault, among others. Topics include mimesis, structuralism, poststructuralism, psychoanalysis, Marxism, and new historicism.

ENG 571 / AAS 572 / MOD 570 / FRE 572

Literary and Cultural Theory


Andrew Cole

A study of the role of culture in literary practice and theory. Topics include postmodernism, post-colonialism, feminism, performance theory, queer theory, and popular cultures, among others.

ARC 571 / ART 581 / MOD 573 / LAS 571

PhD Proseminar


Beatriz Colomina

A research seminar in selected areas of aesthetics, art criticism, and architectural theory from the 18th to the 20th centuries on the notion of representation in art and architecture. This seminar is given to students in the doctoral program at the School of Architecture and to doctoral candidates in other departments.

ARC 580 / GSS 580 / MOD 580

Gender, Cities, and Dissent


S.E. Eisterer

This course asks how intersectional feminism, queer, and trans theory can spearhead new methods of research, objects of study, and ways of seeing and analyzing spaces, buildings, cities, and human alliances within them. Overall, the seminar focuses on practices and forms of organizing around LGBTQ+ rights and how historical actors have formed networks and associations to resist dominant spatial and political regimes.

ENV 596 / AMS 596 / ENG 517 / MOD 596

Topics in Environmental Studies


Allison Carruth

This topics course offers seminars with a focus on climate change and/or biodiversity. Seminars under this topic examine environmental and societal issues associated with two of the key defining challenges of our time: climate change and/or biodiversity loss. The course uses a multi-disciplinary combination of perspectives and approaches grounded in the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences.

HUM 598 / CLA 593 / MOD 598 / HLS 597 / ART 596

Humanistic Perspectives on the Arts


Brooke A. Holmes, Nida Miriam Ghouse

The study of the arts at the intersection of the disciplines.