TPP 301

Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching


Todd Whitman Kent, Kathleen M. Nolan

A study of essential dimensions of learning and teaching, including learner characteristics and needs, organization and structure of educational institutions, development of curriculum and lesson plans, alignment of instructional goals with evaluation and assessment, design of subject and level specific methodologies, and classroom management techniques. Required course work includes 22 hours of site-based field experience and evening laboratory sessions. Students should have one morning of unscheduled time available each week to allow for school visits. The course is open to any student who has an interest in teaching.

PSY 307 / TPP 307

Educational Psychology


Mark Glat

Principles of psychology relevant to the theory and practice of education. Through selected readings, discussion, and classroom observations, students study theories of development, learning, cognition (including literacy), and motivation, as well as individual and group differences in these areas; assessment; and the social psychology of the classroom. The course focuses on how learning by children and adolescents at the elementary, middle, and secondary school levels is influenced by their own characteristics and experiences and the various contexts in which they learn: family, school, community and culture. One three-hour seminar.

TPP 405

Seminar on Education-Theory and Practice


Kathleen M. Nolan

The Seminar on Education-Theory and Practice is designed to compliment Practice Teaching (TPP 406). Students will read and reflect on educational research and reflect on how to best integrate theory and practice in the reality of their school setting and content areas with an emphasis on instructional planning and evaluation of student learning. Course topics include asset pedagogies related to culture, language use, and (dis)ability, academic language development, unit planning and assessment, education policy, and the philosophy of education. Students enroll in the seminar concurrently with TPP 406.

TPP 406

Practice Teaching


Jessica R. Monaghan, Kathleen M. Nolan, Ashley Taylor Jaffee

Supervised practice teaching (a minimum of 12 weeks) in a local school. Teaching is done under the supervision of an accomplished teacher and a program staff member who regularly observes and discusses the student's practice teaching. Students gain firsthand experience in developing teaching strategies, planning and differentiating instruction, assessing student learning, and classroom management. Must be taken concurrently with TPP 405. TPP 406 counts as two courses by the University.