HackPrinceton Fall 2018

The Group will need to implement the following policies to ensure that all rooms that are used during the debate tournament will be in proper order after the tournament.1.) The tournament directors/contacts will need to make an announcement in General Assembly before any debate rounds start informing all guest that there will be no food or drink allowed in any of the rooms2.) After room confirmation, the group must contact Building Services for clean up. 3.) Before the tournament the group must assign a person(s) to be responsible for designated buildings to ensure classroom cleanliness, as well as all of the bathrooms in those areas. They will proceed to examine each of these rooms. This procedure should begin at the conclusion of the tournament. 4.) All classrooms must stay in their current configuration Jessica Gamble Assistant Registrar Princeton University Office of the Registrar (609) 258-3362 - Office (609) 258-6328 - Fax


November 9, 2018


5:00 p.m.


Friend Center / Room 009 / Room 108 / Room 007 / Room 005