Soft Matters, Carving Non-Equilibrium Pathways to Control Self-Assembly

Jeremie Palacci, University of California, San Diego -- Soft matter is a subfield of condensed matter interested in physical systems that are "soft", meaning easily deformed or structurally altered by thermal or mechanical stress of the magnitude of thermal fluctuations. Interesting behaviors in soft matter cannot be easily predicted from the microscopic constituents as it is often organized at a mesoscale, much larger than the microscopic scale. Equilibrium soft matter started developing at the end of 20th with major success in fundamental and applied science (think about the impact of Liquid Crystals Displays in daily life) and is at the forefront of novel development in energy and innovative materials.Active particles are microscopic particles, which can inject energy locally and made available by recent progress in colloidal science. They are ideal "pump-probes" to explore the emergent properties in non-equilibrium soft systems and control the behavior of soft matter and self-assembly at the microscale.


September 19, 2018


12:00 p.m.


Bowen Hall / Auditorium