New Approaches for AM with Thermosets and Multicomponent Build Materials

AJ Boydston, University of Wisconsin

Our research group explores, discovers, and develops bottom-up approaches to additive manufacturing (AM). Centering on chemical synthesis and molecular engineering enables us to complement to fascinating technological advances in, with particular aims of achieving: multimaterial AM from homogeneous multicomponent photoresin formulations, AM when there is no direct line-of-sight (through/inside opaque objects), and AM with commercial thermoset resins that are patterned with light. This seminar will provide examples in each of these three areas, with a focus toward currently unpublished works. Some highlights from our discoveries include light-based AM of silicone thermosets, multimaterial organic/inorganic hybrid parts from single photoresin formulations, and AM inside of a sponge.


September 22, 2021


4:00 p.m.


Engineering QUAD, A224