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Friday, April 28, 2017

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'Welcome to USG'

New officers of Princeton's Undergraduate Student Government (USG) introduce themselves to the campus and call for active student involvement. Read more.

Video Closed Captions

SHAWON JACKSON: Hi, I'm Shawon I'm your USG President.

CARMINA MANCENON: I'm Carmina, I'm your USG Vice-President.

SHAWON JACKSON: And we wanted to take the time to share with you some of the core goals that we have for

this upcoming year. So our goals are centered
around a quote from Elie Wesel, "To lead

is to serve," and to fulfill that quote,
what we're doing is focusing our administration

on three main things. The first is about access,
making sure that you have access to all the

great resources on campus and to the great
projects that USG is doing. The second is

about accountability, making sure that we
update you on things that we're doing, putting

you on mailing lists, and really making sure
that we are efficient about our work. And

lastly, we want to focus on approachability,
so not just an organization that's open to

you, but being an organization that's fun
and an organization that you want to come

to. We really look forward to everything we
can get out of this year.

CARMINA MANCENON: One of the things I'm really excited about
this year is for the USG to connect every

student on campus and their own interest,
and really create a space for everyone to

feel at home on campus, whether that's through the Mental Health Initiative or creating ties

between the student body and community affairs.
And as Vice-President, my role is really centered

around internal affairs, and Shawon and I
are always talking about how excited we are

to have this really dynamic and bright USG
on board, and how many new ideas and exciting

projects are underway, and we're looking forward
to sharing things with you throughout the


SHAWON JACKSON: Thanks for taking the time to listen to our
core goals for this year, and definitely keep

reading those weekly emails from USG.

CARMINA MANCENON: But just in case you don't, feel free to
drop by the USG office in Frist anytime; sometimes,

we are here more than we are in our own room.
But if you don't have time to drop by, also

send us an email.

SHAWON JACKSON: We'd love to hear from you! Thanks for your
time, and have a great year!

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