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Monday, April 24, 2017

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'Princeton University School of Architecture'

Princeton University's School of Architecture offers an undergraduate major and advanced degrees at both the master's and doctoral levels. This video provides a look at the school through three students who have either completed a program or who are working toward a degree. Read more.

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school that is very strongly

connected with the university,
as many other departments in

the university.

I think that one of the
qualities of Princeton

University is that connection
across the different fields of

knowledge within
the university.

And that's also very distinctive
of the School of

Architecture in Princeton
as opposed to

other of our peer schools.

Architecture School

has been a dream come true.

It's been such a great
undergraduate experience.

I think it prepares the
business-minded student.

So you're constantly
working in teams.

Very few students have the
opportunity to actually

present their final projects to
a panel of professionals,

which I think is something
that's really

unique about the school.

But also prepares the
engineer-minded student, too,

if you want to take a
lot of math classes.

JULIA CHAPMAN: One of the great
things about Princeton

is that it integrates students
in three programs-- the

undergraduate, the master's
and the Ph.D. program.

And during my time here, I've
had the opportunity to work

with undergrads, master's, and
Ph.D. students through

teaching, design studios,
seminars, workshops.

And it's been really enjoyable
and a great learning


ESTHER CHOI: I think one of
the strengths about the

program is not only the faculty,
but also the kind of

collegial environment that we
have amongst ourselves.

And you really develop a
community with the Ph.D.

students here.

And it's a genuine sense
of community, I think.

People really support the work
that you do, and there's a

sense of collaboration
as well.

So there's always the
opportunity to participate in

group projects.

And there's also a really nice
interdisciplinary focus in

this program, so there's some
freedom for you to explore

what you're interested in and
to kind of think about the

intersections of architecture
with other kinds of


things that I would like

to implement in the next few
years is to form an area of

knowledge where both the
humanities and the sciences

converge, which is actually
quite an interesting side of

the discipline of

In order to do that, I think
that we need to develop the

connection to the engineering
schools, to the more

scientific schools, to the same
degree that we are now

connected to Art & Archaeology
and History.

Trying to do in that field is
to expand the fields of

knowledge in other directions in
order to produce that field

of convergence between


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