Afghan ambassador to speak, Oct. 12

Ravan Farhadi, Afghanistan's ambassador to the United Nations, will speak at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12, in McCosh 50.

Farhadi represents the Northern Alliance, the government that rules the northeast corner of the country not conquered by the Taliban. He has been in exile since shortly before the Taliban overran Afghanistan in 1996. Although it holds only 10 percent of the land, the Northern Alliance is recognized as the legitimate Afghan government by all but two countries in the world.

Farhadi is expected to share his insights on the Taliban and to explain how the Northern Alliance can help the United States in its global battle against terrorism.

He is speaking at the invitation of the Princeton Committee Against Terrorism, a nonpartisan and nonprofit educational student activist group formed in response to the Sept. 11 tragedy.

For more information on the group, visit this Web site .