Engineering school casts wide net for ideas

Oct. 10, 2003 11:53 a.m.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is inviting people from across the University community and beyond to participate in a series of workshops as part of its strategic planning initiative.

The workshops began Sept. 18 with an all-day session devoted to issues of undergraduate education and will continue on Oct. 13 when the topic will be graduate education. Nine more sessions through Dec. 15 will cover subjects ranging from specific research fields such as nanotechnology to the relation of engineering to other academic areas such as the humanities and life sciences. A detailed listing is available online.

"We are trying to identify key opportunities where we can build on the strengths that are already here at Princeton and take ourselves to a level of world leadership in specific areas," said Maria Klawe, who began the strategic planning process after becoming dean of the school in January. "If we do this, we will be a significantly more visible engineering school with significantly more impact."

The full story is available in the Weekly Bulletin.

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