Portal launched to better coordinate travel

March 29, 2004 11:19 a.m.

The treasurer's office has developed a central reservation portal with some Princeton-specific pricing for individuals traveling to or from Princeton on University business. This new program offers tools to decrease costs and provide the widest range of flexibility and choice.

"This new travel program is administered by Campus Travel Management, a travel consulting and data management company, and builds on a growing consortium of colleges and universities, including Princeton, Columbia, Temple, Baylor, Tulane, Colgate, Case Western Reserve, Smith, Williams, American and Washington and Lee, and the universities of Arkansas, Missouri, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois, to name a few," said Brian Rounsavill, associate director of purchasing. "The site integrates the benefits of the latest Internet travel reservation tools in conjunction with a core group of participating travel agencies."

Portal users have convenient access to reduced travel agency fees, reduced airfares, favorable travel terms and a variety of booking options. In addition, this portal offers University departments a central location for travel history and savings documentation.

More information is available in the Weekly Bulletin .

Contact: Eric Quinones(609) 258-3601