Nordenson engineers niche through creativity, collaboration

In some quarters structural engineering is seen strictly as a pragmatic field, populated by people who possess a ''let's get the job done'' attitude. But others approach the profession as a highly creative endeavor, one that involves close collaboration between engineer and architect from the early stages of conception to a building's execution.

Guy Nordenson , professor of architecture and founder of his eponymous structural engineering firm, is one of the leading practitioners of the second type.

Nordenson speaks the language of architects. And that has enabled him to become a highly effective teacher of architecture students as well as one of the few structural engineers whose work has been internationally recognized for its creativity.

"He sees it in a broader cultural perspective," said Stan Allen, dean of the School of Architecture. "At some schools of architecture, a course on structures is like cod liver oil -- you force it down students' throats because it's good for them, but they don't enjoy it much. Guy is unique because he has the students genuinely interested in the material he presents."

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