Power outage affecting campus buildings -- UPDATED 8 PM

Jan. 23, 2007 8 p.m.

University officials are making accommodations for students affected by a power outage that occurred on campus early Tuesday afternoon.

Crews are investigating the cause of the outage and working to restore power as soon as possible.

The affected buildings continue to have hot water and heat, but bedding is being set up in Dillon Gymnasium for the students who live in the following dormitories that continue to be affected by the outage: Madison, Hamilton, Buyer, Blair, Campbell, Joline and Holder halls. Linens, towels and toiletries will be available, but students may want to bring their own pillows and blankets.

Most intramural events scheduled for Dillon for this evening will take place.

Students are being asked to first check with friends who live in dorms not affected by the outage with whom they might be able to stay overnight.

Those who live in the dorms affected by the outage should be aware that prox cards needed for entry are not always working because of the power problems. Public safety officers have been stationed outside the dorms to assist residents. Students are reminded not to use candles or any other open flames as light or heat sources.

Residents of Mathey College are being directed to Forbes College for dining, and residents of Rockefeller College are being directed to Butler-Wilson College for dining. This dining arrangement will continue for as long as the power outage persists.

In addition, the Frist Campus Center will be open all night for food and study space. Firestone Library will be open all night as well.

Students wishing to request a rescheduled examination must meet with Deputy Registrar Robert Bromfield in person about the necessary steps they must take. Those who need extensions on papers should contact their college deans or directors of study.

Except for Alexander Hall, power has been restored to all other buildings on campus initially affected by the outage, including Clio, Edwards, Dod, Little, Nassau, Whig and Witherspoon halls, Dillon Gymnasium, Maclean House and West College.

However, these buildings will experience a power interruption of about 30 minutes while power is being restored to the dormitories that continue to lack power. This is expected to occur some time after 11 p.m. and may affect power-operated alarm clocks that students plan to use to arrive on time for exams. Students are encouraged to employ a back-up alarm system.

More information will be posted as it becomes available. In addition, updates will be made to the crisis response line at (609) 258-7700. To speak with someone in the emergency operations center, call (609) 258-8067 or (609) 258-8068.