University adopts proposed fraternity, sorority rush policies

Princeton University President Shirley M. Tilghman has adopted the recommendations of the Committee on Freshmen Rush Policy for administering and enforcing the prohibition on freshmen from affiliating with a fraternity or sorority during their freshman year, and on students soliciting the participation of freshmen in a fraternity or sorority. The new policy will take effect as of Sept. 1.

"I am deeply appreciative of the excellent work of the committee, and of the comments on the report that have been provided over the past four weeks in meetings and through the campus life website," Tilghman said. "In my view, the committee's recommendations are clear, thoughtful, fair and comprehensive in identifying prohibited activities and in describing the consequences that students would face for any violation of the policy. I have fully accepted the committee's proposed language for inclusion in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities with only two modest clarifications."

One of the two changes makes it clear that the prohibition on solicitation of freshmen to participate in a fraternity or sorority includes solicitation by electronic means. The other clarifies that the policy does not apply to any organization (such as an organization at another institution) whose membership is not open to any Princeton student.

Tilghman announced last summer that the ban on freshman affiliation with Greek organizations would take effect in fall 2012 and asked a committee of students, faculty and staff to propose policies to implement the ban and penalties to ensure compliance. The committee issued its report on March 25, saying that its primary goal was to provide clear guidance about what activities should be prohibited and what the consequences may be for a student who knowingly engages in such activities.

Under the leadership of Vice President for Campus Life Cynthia Cherrey and Dean of Undergraduate Students Kathleen Deignan, the University will communicate the new policy to current and incoming students and their families and others. Deignan's office will also create a "question and answer" section on its website to answer frequently asked questions about the policy and provide contact information for an administrator to whom students can address questions regarding the policy.