The brick exterior of West College, soon to be named Morrison Hall

Employee obituaries: October 2017

West College, shown in a 2013 file photo, was in 2017 renamed Morrison Hall in honor of novelist, Nobel laureate and Princeton professor emerita Toni Morrison.

The following is an updated list of University employee obituaries.

Current employees

September 2017: Jeffrey Benson, Sr., 58 (2014-2017, Building Services); Gary D’Amico, 68 (1979-2017, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory); Douglass Darrow, 57 (1988-2017, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory).

Retired employees

June 2017: Joan Kenny, 88 (1987-1997, Annual Giving).

August 2017: Willodean Holman, 80 (1998-2015, Campus Dining); Donald Weston Jr. (1974-2012, Office of the Vice President for Finance and Treasury).

September 2017: Serge Trosko, 94 (1963-1988, Maintenance).