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Princeton’s Annual Giving campaign raises $68.6 million

July 8, 2019, 12:45 p.m.

Princeton University’s 2018-19 Annual Giving campaign raised $68,568,435 — the third highest total in Annual Giving history — with 55.4% of undergraduate alumni participating. The results are notable for their strength across all of Princeton’s constituencies: undergraduate alumni, graduate alumni, parents and friends.

“Once again, Princeton alumni, parents and friends have responded spectacularly to this year’s Annual Giving appeal,” said President Christopher L. Eisgruber. “The unrestricted funds raised through Annual Giving are tremendously important to Princeton’s continuous efforts to further strengthen and expand our excellence in teaching and research, while also fully meeting the financial needs of our exceptional students. We could not achieve these extraordinary results without the hard work and commitment of our many volunteers and the generosity and steadfast support of our donors, to whom I am deeply grateful.”

The Class of 1994, with a participation rate of 62.6%, raised the largest amount — $7,028,794, in celebration of its 25th Reunion. The Class of 1984 broke the 35th Reunion record with $6,001,984; and the Class of 2009 raised $594,109 to set a new 10th Reunion record.

The 50th Reunion Class of 1969 finished with $5,893,169, its highest total ever, with 69.6% participation. Six other major Reunion classes raised more than $2 million: 1989 with $5,205,189; 1979 with $2,867,619; 1964 with $2,319,666; 1974 with $2,143,074; 1999 with $2,134,199; and 1959 with $2,100,839.

For the second year in a row, graduate alumni gave more than $2 million, with $2,173,664 from 2,637 donors. Princeton parents gave more than $2.3 million for the fifth consecutive year, contributing $2,320,737 to the total.

The Class of 1992 raised the highest total among non-major Reunion classes, with $1,624,514; 10 other non-major Reunion classes recorded totals of $500,000 or more.

This year’s highest percentage of participation belongs to the Class of 1963 achieving 77.5% on the occasion of its 56th Reunion. That was followed by the 50th Reunion Class of 1969, which reached 69.6%; the Class of 1959, which achieved 67%; the Class of 1965, which reached 66.5%; and the Class of 1962, which reached 66.2%. Nineteen other classes recorded participation rates of 60% or higher.

The youngest 10 classes averaged 56.2%participation. The Class of 2019, the University’s newest alumni, achieved a pledge rate of 74.7%, with 989 of its members pledging to support Annual Giving for the next four years.

“The remarkable outcome of our Annual Giving campaign is a testament to the generosity of the Princeton family and the dedication and enthusiasm of our incredible volunteer team,” said Annual Giving Chair Timothy M. Kingston, a member of the Class of 1987. “It is the collective impact of all gifts — large and small — that strengthens Princeton’s excellence and makes a tangible difference on campus.”

Unrestricted gifts to Annual Giving go directly into the operating budget for the benefit of Princeton’s students and faculty. These flexible funds directly support Princeton’s educational mission, enabling the University to stay at the forefront of teaching and research, and to ensure the affordability of a Princeton education for all admitted students.