The columns of Whig Hall with autumn leaves in the background

Employee obituaries: November 2019

Whig Hall on the Princeton campus in the fall.

The following is an updated list of University employee obituaries.

Retired employees

September 2019: Paul Kaminaris, 77 (1978-2010, Utility Plant).

October 2019: Milton Benson, 75 (1973-2009, Prospect House); Janardhan Manickam, 73 (1975-2011, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory); Rosemarie Shangle-Johnson, 85 (1975-1995, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory); Rosalie Staloff, 81 (1982-1998, Physics); Walter Swiniuchowski, 66 (1991-2019, Utility Plant); Anne Taylor, 90 (1972-1985, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory).