In Brief


We are delighted to welcome parents and families of Princeton students, and we invite you to participate in campus events, particularly those that showcase Princeton's intellectual and service missions. If your undergraduate is attending Princeton for the first time, the best resource for information is the Path to Princeton website.

Princeton produces an online Families Handbook to provide families with useful information about the University. You might also enjoy joining your peers in the Princeton Parents Facebook community.

All parents are members of the Princeton Parents Association and are invited to participate in campus and regional programs. The University also welcomes the participation of Princeton parents in a range of educational programs presented by the Alumni Association. Led by senior faculty members, these programs enable parents and alumni to enjoy the benefits of a Princeton education while forging friendships within the University community.

Families of Princeton undergraduate students have a secure website, Tiger Family Hub, to update contact information, access pertinent University services and systems, and find other family-related resources. This site will be available to families during your student's active Princeton career.

Guidelines for Emergencies

In the event of a campus emergency, Princeton University posts news and other official information as quickly as possible on Understandably, families want information about their student quickly; utilizing the website, including its subscription features through RSS feeds, is the easiest method for obtaining the most accurate information available. Many of Princeton's emergency procedures are featured on the emergency management website. Families can also obtain information about campus emergencies by calling the University’s emergency hotline at 609-258-7700. 

24-Hour Contacts

  • Public Safety: 609-258-1000
  • University Health Services: 609-258-3141
  • Campus Operator: 609-258-3000 (self-service directory after hours)

Emergencies Involving a Particular Student

Every Princeton undergraduate is affiliated with a residential college, which has professionals who also may be able to assist students' families. In an emergency that involves a particular student, family members can contact the appropriate residential college office or the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students at 609-258-3055. After hours, the dean-on-call may be reached by calling Public Safety at 609-258-1000.

Residential College Office Main Numbers

  • Butler: 609-258-3474
  • Forbes: 609-258-6094
  • Mathey: 609-258-5717
  • Rockefeller: 609-258-3728
  • Whitman: 609-258-8900
  • Wilson: 609-268-3629