Longtime Princeton coach Edward Donovan dies

March 19, 2001 4:43 p.m.

Edward Donovan, 91, a longtime coach with Princeton University, died Thursday at home in Princeton.

Over a period of 55 years, Donovan coached baseball, football and basketball and taught squash, tennis and golf. He continued to work with student athletes until he was 88.

"Ed Donovan was a terrific leader," said Gary Walters, director of athletics at Princeton. "He was a man of few words, but of great character. By his actions, he spoke volumes."

Walters said Donovan inspired others with his versatility.

"Most of us, as we get older, suffer from psychosclerosis -- I'm inventing words -- a hardening of the attitudes," said Walters. "Eddie continued to grow as a person in his retirement in ways that continue to influence Princetonians far and wide. He was the antithesis of the specialist -- he was multi-dimensional. He was in contact with the great figures in Princeton's sports history."

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