Princeton offers early admission to 581 students

Jan. 6, 2004 5:11 p.m.

Princeton University offered admission to 581 students from a pool of 1,815 high school seniors who applied through early decision for the class of 2008, Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye announced Tuesday, Jan. 6.

Notification letters were mailed to students on Dec. 12. The number of applicants was 25 percent smaller than last year, but much closer to the numbers in the previous four years, Rapelye said.

"I'm very pleased with the quality of the first set of students who applied and look forward to moving on to the next phase," Rapelye said. The early decision candidates are expected to comprise 49 percent of the class. The deferred candidates will be reconsidered with the regular decision applicants. Regular decision applicants, who had to apply by Jan. 2, will be notified of admission in early April.

More details are available in a news release.

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