Floudas wins computing in chemical engineering award

The American Institute for Chemical Engineers has selected Princeton's Christodoulos Floudas to receive its 2006 Computing in Chemical Engineering Award.

The award recognizes "outstanding contributions in the application of computing and systems technology to chemical engineering." Floudas, a professor of chemical engineering, will receive the award and deliver an address at the organization's annual meeting in San Francisco the week of Nov. 12.

Floudas is an authority in mathematical modeling and optimization of complex systems at the macroscopic and microscopic level. His research interests lie at the interface of chemical engineering, applied mathematics. operations research and computational biology.

A Princeton faculty member since 1986, Floudas is the author of two graduate textbooks, "Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Optimization" and "Deterministic Global Optimization." He also has co-edited seven books and monographs, written more than 200 refereed publications and delivered more than 300 invited lectures and seminars. He is the chief co-editor of the "Encyclopedia of Optimization."