'Profile' gives snapshot of Princeton

Sept. 4, 2007 10:40 a.m.
Profile gives snapshot of Princeton

The University's "Profile" publication is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about the University and to highlight some of the diverse resources available on campus. To view the Profile online, visit www.princeton.edu/profile. Copies of the Profile are available for purchase at cost by contacting the Office of Communications at (609) 258-3601. Cover photo of a lounge in Robertson Hall by Denise Applewhite; design by Megan Peterson

The latest edition of the University's "Profile" publication is now available in print and online, answering the most frequently asked questions about Princeton and providing audiences across the country and the world with a snapshot of the diverse resources available to members of the campus community.

As stated in the Profile's updated introduction, "About Princeton University":

"The University provides its students with academic, extracurricular and other resources -- in a residential community committed to diversity in its student body, faculty and staff -- that help them achieve at the highest levels and prepare them for positions of leadership and lives of service in many fields of human endeavor."

According to the publication:

  • There are 34 majors from which students can choose, or they may opt for an independent concentration. They also have their choice of more than 39 special programs, many crossing disciplines and departments, and students have available to them resources that include modern language and science laboratories.
  • Princeton sponsors 38 varsity intercollegiate teams (20 for men, 18 for women), with slightly more than 1,000 participants -- a little less than 25 percent of the undergraduate population. In addition, an estimated 1,000 students also participate in the University's 40 club teams. In varsity sports, Princeton teams have won the Ivy League's unofficial all-sports points championship each of the past 21 years, and Princeton has also had at least one team or individual national champion each of the past 21 years.
  • Fifty-four percent of the incoming class of 2011 is on financial aid, and 53 percent of all undergraduates receive aid. Princeton provides students with grants -- not loans -- to meet the full demonstrated financial need. Domestic and international students are admitted without regard to their financial circumstances.
  • With approximately 5,400 benefits-eligible employees, Princeton is one of the largest private employers in central New Jersey.
  • The institution's overall regional impact amounted to approximately $2 billion for 2006-07. This includes the University's total expenditures and the spending of the more than 700,000 people who attended events throughout the year on Princeton's campus, as well as spending by students and employees.
  • Princeton will enroll an estimated 4,800 undergraduate students in the 2007-08 academic year and has a diverse student body, with American minorities making up 32 percent of undergraduates and international students making up 10 percent. American minorities make up 15 percent and international students make up 40 percent of the 590 incoming graduate students. The total graduate student body will be about 2,430 for the 2007-08 year.
  • The ratio of full-time undergraduate students to faculty members is 5 to 1.

As noted in the Profile:

"As a research university, Princeton seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and understanding. At the same time, Princeton is distinctive among research universities in its commitment to undergraduate teaching. Interdisciplinary work is vital to Princeton and is reflected in a full spectrum of academic programs, including such new initiatives as the University Center for the Creative and Performing Arts, the Center for African American Studies, and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute."

To view the Profile online, visit www.princeton.edu/profile. Copies of the Profile are available for purchase at cost by contacting the Office of Communications at (609) 258-3601.