Campus social and residential life working group launches website

The working group that was established this fall to review the University's undergraduate on-campus social and residential life has launched a website seeking observations and suggestions from students, alumni and others. The group was asked to consider several questions that were raised by a separate task force that last year reviewed the relationships between the University and the 10 independent eating clubs.

The site asks how undergraduate social and residential life can be improved on campus and in the residential colleges. It also asks about the role of fraternities and sororities at Princeton, and about the University’s overall goals for undergraduate social and residential life.

The answers submitted to the website will be used to inform and shape the deliberations of the working group, according to Robert Durkee, vice president and secretary of the University, and Cynthia Cherrey, vice president for campus life, who are co-chairing the working group. The group will issue its report during the spring semester.

"We hope that students in all four classes, as well as alumni and other members of the University community, will take full advantage of this opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestions with us," they said. "While we will be actively seeking views through focus groups and other conversations, we want to be sure that anyone who would like to communicate with us is able to do so."

The website includes information on the members and purpose of the working group. The members include five undergraduates, two faculty members and four staff members in addition to the two co-chairs.