DELAYED OPENING for non-critical staff until 10 a.m. - Storm causes road closures

June 10, 2011, 6:44 a.m.

Because of road closures from thunderstorms that occurred the night of June 9, Princeton University has delayed its opening until 10 a.m. Friday, June 10, for non-critical and non-essential staff. All critical and essential employees should report to work at their normal duty times.

The University's Department of Public Safety advised that, as of 6 a.m., the following roadways were closed and blocked from power lines and trees down in the roadway:

  • Route 206 between Province Line Road and Lovers Lane;
  • Route 206 between Herrontown Road and Ewing Street;
  • Mercer Street/Princeton Pike between Province Line Road and Quaker Road; and
  • Cherry Valley Road is also closed in several areas.

There may be also several secondary roads in the area affected by downed trees and power lines. Estimating when the roads will open is difficult to determine.

Travelling to campus will result in a slow commute. Washington Road and Harrison Street are open and accessible from Route 1. Alexander Road remains closed due to the current ongoing construction.

Commuters from the northwest are advised that Cold Soil Road to Rosedale Road is the only open route into Princeton at this time. Southwest commuters can use Route 1 to Washington Road or Quaker Road to Princeton Pike into Princeton. Northern commuters are advised that all northern Route 206 traffic is being diverted onto Nassau Street to Washington Road.

The Dinky, which is the New Jersey Transit commuter train, is operating, but the gate control was damaged causing the train to stop completely before crossing Faculty Road. This has required operators to put the gates up and down by hand. This will have a further impact on traffic. New Jersey Transit reports it must dispatch a computer technician to the unit to replace computer parts to put the gate back in operation. It is not known how long this will take to effect repairs.

Many area residents are still without power, including residents of the University-owned Millstone Apartments. The Department of Public Safety has no estimate at this time on the time it will take to restore power or to clear the roadways.

Employees should check the University's home page for updates regarding continued road closures at the end of the business day.