7 A.M. AUG. 30 UPDATE - DELAYED OPENING Tuesday Aug. 30 for non-critical staff until 11 a.m. - Some key roads closed

This update to previous announcements about Princeton's campus safety following Hurricane Irene contains additional information updating road closures and traffic conditions.

As previously announced, Princeton University will delay its opening until 11 a.m. today -- Tuesday, Aug. 30 -- for non-critical and non-essential staff because of power outages and road closures following Hurricane Irene. All critical and essential employees should report to work at their normal duty times. Other staff who support some key operations have been contacted directly about also reporting at normal duty times.

The University's Tiger Transit system will resume normal operations, and is available to staff reporting at normal duty times. Critical and essential employees have received guidance from their supervisors about reporting to work.

Several key roads that lead to the campus are now open, but employees should be sure to allow sufficient time for travel to their work sites, keeping in mind that the following roads remain closed: Harrison Street at the D&R Canal; Route 206 north of Princeton, from Ewing Street to Herrontown Road in Princeton Township; and Quaker Road. Traffic conditions can be monitored through Google traffic or Beat the Traffic, but please note that these independent sites vary in functionality. 

Power has been restored to University administrative buildings, though some University housing located away from the central campus continues to be without power.

Students living in graduate units without electricity or gas may use the kitchen in the Common Room at New Graduate College and the kitchens at Old Graduate College (4th and 9th entrances). Access to the Old Graduate College kitchens is only through entryways 12 and 15, or the entrance facing parking Lot 19. Access to the buildings is limited to those with graduate student identification cards or PROX cards.

PROX cards needed for entry do not always work during power failures. In the event this occurs, members of the campus community should call Public Safety by dialing 258-1000. Again, 609-258-1000.

Information on road conditions will continue to be updated on the University's weather emergency hotline, (609) 258-SNOW. The University's Office of Human Resources also maintains a weather emergency reference page for employees.

Members of the campus community may continue to report any flooding, clogged exterior drains or other hazardous conditions to the Facilities Customer Service at (609) 258-8000.