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In a video documenting the Halftime retreat for sophomores, the participants describe what it is like to take time away from their busy schedules to reflect together on their Princeton experiences and the important choices they face. "Having that moment where I had to think about what I really wanted to do and to think about what made me personally satisfied ... in the end, it was a rewarding exercise," said Russell Dinkins of the Class of 2013.

Video stills courtesy of the Office of Undergraduate Students

Sophomore year is a time of transition for many Princeton students, who face several important choices from selecting their majors to evaluating dining options to deciding whether to study abroad. This video documents the Halftime retreat, a three-day program offered during fall break and intercession to allow sophomores to travel off campus with their peers and spend time reflecting upon their Princeton experiences.

The retreat's workshops, discussions and journaling exercises are intended to help sophomores identify and set personal goals, formulate action plans to achieve those goals, and maximize their use of campus resources and opportunities during their remaining five semesters. 

Halftime begins with an opening dinner on campus, where the participating students and staff get to know each other and enjoy the meal. After dinner, the students participate in their first Halftime exercise, which includes presentations from students who have attended past Halftimes, as well as Princeton alumni. The following day, the students leave campus for the retreat.

Throughout Halftime, workshops are offered to give students the opportunity to share with each other and to have conversations about making decisions, setting goals and balancing priorities. Halftime is a chance for students to build connections and a deeper relationship with other sophomores, and for each student to clarify personal values and goals.
Students who are interested in attending Halftime can find out more information on the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students website