Video Feature: Looking Up at Princeton

July 5, 2012 noon
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Photos by Evelyn Tu

Princeton's campus has been thoughtfully designed to balance tradition with the best of modernity. Considered by many to be one of the most magnificent college campuses in the world, its aesthetic qualities are a large part of the experience of living, learning and working in this community.

In the "Looking Up at Princeton" video, glancing sunlight accentuates Princeton's special sense of place. Every adornment, large or small, reminds students and visitors to stop and appreciate what's here now.

Each new discovery inside and outside Princeton's buildings and along its well-groomed walkways inspires contemplation and reflection. No detail has been spared in order to provide endless sources of exploration, from the Rittenhouse orrery, which was built by astronomer David Rittenhouse in 1771 to demonstrate the planets' orbits around the sun and is now displayed in Peyton Hall; to the soaring stained glass ceiling in Victorian-era Chancellor Green; and to the extreme angles of Lewis Library, which opened in 2008.