Video feature: '24 Hours at Princeton University'

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As members of the Princeton community traverse the campus throughout the day, light and shadows dance across the landscape with the movement of the sun. Above, Blair Arch is shown at dusk.

Photo by John Jameson

As the sun rises and sets each day, the shadows move and dance across campus, accentuating the natural and architectural beauty of Princeton. Sometimes, this light play reveals a surprise that can only be seen through the lens of a time-lapse camera.

This video, "24 Hours at Princeton University," shows the changing landscape at more than a dozen locations on campus, from the front lawn of Nassau Hall to inside the Frist Campus Center, from early morning to nightfall.

As students hurry to their next class or activity, and visitors and members of the campus community inhabit these open and enclosed spaces, the campus transforms, reflecting the diversity of the physical environment and its occupants' pursuits.