Princeton applications remain near record-high

Princeton applications remain near record-high

Princeton University has received 26,607 applications for admission to the Class of 2018. The applicants include 3,854 candidates who applied last fall through single-choice early action.

The University's undergraduate admission office offered admission to 714 of the early applicants in mid-December. This is the third year since 2006 that the University has offered an early application round for prospective students whose first college choice is Princeton.

Over the past 10 years, the University has seen a 94.3 percent increase in applications. This year's applicant pool, which is slightly larger than last year's applicant pool of 26,498, is the third-largest in the University's history.

"The quality of the applicant pool is outstanding, and we will be faced with some difficult decisions during the evaluation process," Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye said. "In addition to receiving a wide array of applications reflecting a diverse group of high-achieving and intellectually gifted students, we are pleased that we continue to attract a large number of applicants who are aware of Princeton's financial aid program and intend to apply for it."

Through the University's pioneering no-loan financial aid program, all students on financial aid are offered grants that do not have to be repaid — giving students an opportunity to graduate debt-free. The admission process is need-blind for both domestic and international students. 

"Princeton's generous financial aid package where we meet the full need of students qualifying for aid means we can recruit students from every income bracket, especially students from low-income backgrounds," said Rapelye.

Applicants will be notified of admission decisions by late March.