NEWS BRIEF: Gellman plays big role in Washington Post Pulitzer; Bass a finalist

Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman, a visiting professional specialist at the Woodrow Wilson School and a visiting lecturer in public and international affairs, was the lead reporter on a series of stories about the National Security Agency's global surveillance programs that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for public service Monday. Gellman, a member of the Princeton Class of 1982, has played a key role in projects awarded two previous Pulitzer Prizes.

Also, Gary J. Bass, professor of politics and international affairs, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction for his book "The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger and a Forgotten Genocide." The historical tale explores the 1971 Pakistani civil war and the roles played by the president and his national security advisor. The book was the winner of the 2014 Lionel Gelber Prize.