New design on target to launch May 18 is poised to launch a new design on Thursday, May 18. In this short video, learn how to navigate and search on the new site.

Members of the University's communications and technical staffs are readying the new design of the main Princeton website for launch as scheduled on Thursday, May 18.

The new site is a joint project of the Office of Communications and the Office of Information Technology. The site is being built based on extensive research on user behavior and preferences, best practices and trends in web design, and on strategy and design produced for the University by the New York City firm Digital Pulp.

A public preview of the design has been available since mid-April, and visitors are encouraged to comment via a "submit feedback" button on every page.

"Our project team has received many comments and suggestions about the new design, and we encourage all members of the campus community to let us know their reactions," said Daniel Day, assistant vice president for communications. "While the basic design and structure of the site are set, we are refining many aspects based on the feedback we're getting. Once the site formally launches, we will continue to refine and improve the site based on user comments."

The new site features a Google-based search function and a simplified navigation bar available from any point on any page.

The design puts a greater emphasis on photos, videos and other visual elements than on the current site, launched in 2008 when most people accessed it through desktop and laptop computers. The new site automatically adjusts each page for optimal display on smartphones, tablets and monitors of all sizes.

The site has been designed with accessibility in mind to provide an inclusive experience to people of diverse abilities in alignment with University goals of diversity and inclusion.
Further information on the redesign project is available on the project blog.