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Update regarding new Title IX regulations July 2020

Princeton University is committed to finding the best possible way to fulfill our values of equity and inclusion while complying with the new regulations regarding Title IX issued by the U.S. Department of Education.

The new regulations will require Princeton to amend its current policies related to sexual misconduct by August 14, 2020. We anticipate implementing two new policies:  a Title IX Sexual Harassment policy (which will apply to conduct falling within the jurisdiction set forth in the new regulations) and a University Sexual Misconduct policy (which will apply to misconduct of a sexual nature that does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Title IX Sexual Harassment policy).

The full faculty will be meeting to approve Princeton’s new policies on July 27, 2020.

The Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC) (which is comprised of undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni) will be meeting to approve Princeton’s new policies on August 3, 2020.

We appreciate the comments and suggestions we have received from community members to date and continue to invite members of the campus community to submit written input or ask questions by emailing